Oryx – Lamenting A Dead World

A band coming into their own is a situation that always must be celebrated if you ask me. There are very few things more satisfying with music than when you stick with the band and they slowly, or quickly sometimes, grow into an entity that becomes no less than monumental in virtually every way with many others coming around to realize the excellence at play. Oryx is a staggering example of just that, and it’s their latest work that takes any conceptions of their capabilities and blows it all right out of the water!

A mere glimpse at that cover art should give you an inkling of what is to be expected when you plunge into the record, but even that does not give you a proper idea as to just how earth-shattering the album is right unto its defiant end that seeks to cease all creation. Oryx’s grasp on their brand of sludge metal has never once been in question with quality being all but a certainty since the first time I had listened to them, but it is with “Lamenting A Dead World” that they really took things to a new level. If given the amount of attention that it deserves given the unyielding heaviness and untouchable quality that touches every single moment of this record, I wouldn’t be shocked to see this become Oryx’s breakout album that makes them the name to know that they’ve deserved to be for years now. The whole of “Lamenting A Dead World” is a wildly asymmetrical work where we see this act explore many of the possible avenues of their sound with sludge, doom, black, and even formless soundscapes being explored to fulfill this cataclysmic visage of an aural experience the likes of which the vast and unwelcoming realm of sludge could always be using more of, for it’s in such disarray and chaos that sludge metal often finds itself becoming the best that it could possibly be. Mix in a mastered sense of aggression along with the power of the riff that is wielded to deadly effect and it is with utter and unmitigated domination that Oryx rules over all in the wake of “Lamenting A Dead World” with the only appropriate response to be had at the conclusion of the harsh world that Oryx has crafted here is to replay it again to see the satisfaction of the flames’ last dying whips and screaming fade into a just and uncaring oblivion.

To come upon albums like this is to find creations that are downright staggering to witness in any capacity, but there’s something truly fulfilling about what Oryx has accomplished here. Watching them rise to the level that their genius can be appreciated with “Lamenting A Dead World” poised to gain wide acclaim is a thought that is wildly invigorating to me, and it’s made all the better knowing that this is still just the start of what Oryx can truly accomplish.

LISTEN to “Lamenting A Dead World” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Oryx on Facebook here.

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