Eonian – The Nomad

 It wasn’t long ago whatsoever that I reintroduced myself to the world of symphonic metal after having barely any interaction with the style in years with the occasional Fleshgod Apocalypse or Carach Angren song here or there being my experience over quite some time. But, aftering a pair of releases brought my back into the style, I was very interested to see how long it would be before the next work of intrigue from the realm of symphonic metal would take to come my way. Fortunately, it didn’t take long whatsoever.

Whenever I envision symphonic metal merging with the more extreme sides of what metal is capable of, the mind instantly desires to hear something large and bombastic that can very well fit the definition of epic in a way that very few other styles in the entire world of metal can capture. When it’s done well, there is truly nothing else like it, and if “The Nomad” is anything to go off of then it could very well be the case that we will be seeing much more of Eonian in the future with “massive” definitely being the word that jumps to my mind. I would be full of myself to say that a lot of new ground has been broken with this debut EP, but it is from every angle that Eonian manages to impress with this creation being the result of several contributions with one mastermind behind it all, and all of it, without question, comes together surprisingly well to make for an effort that isn’t just fleshed out to a delicious extent, but well executed in a form that becomes downright enrapturing in many moments throughout its runtime. Just trying to wrap my mind around that this is Eonian’s debut blows by mind, for if this is just what one guy can set into motion for a five-track EP, imagine what he can accomplish with a fully fleshed out full-length album. Everything was brought together seamlessly for one sprawling performance that’s as satisfying as it is expansive in its scope and narration, and it’s got the undeniable scathing edge that every admission to the world of extreme symphonic metal demands if it is to achieve any level of glory. Right from the beginning, glory is one thing that “The Nomad” is not missing in any way.

There’s a ton of potential floating around in all that this style is constantly bringing to the table, and many of us would be remiss to not include bands like Eonian when we take into consideration names that could very well become something that becomes a required listening. “The Nomad” is a brilliant experience the likes of which symphonic metal will always be needing more of, and I can’t wait to see what else this act dishes out next.

“The Nomad” releases on June 15th!

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