Hadit – With Ardour and Joy Through the Incommensurable Path

On occasion, we get some albums that begin to change our views of what a particular style can be. Death metal has no shortage of acts like that over the years from anywhere with bands like Howls of Ebb and Cryptae just being two names out of hundreds, if not thousands, that we could consider. It is not in the highest degree that Hadit has changed the name of the game for death metal with this new effort, but I cannot express enough just how spectacular and mind-bending for the style that this record feels, and any single spin of its excellence should be more than enough proof of that.

There’s a lot happening in this record, and I refuse to acknowledge that what goes on within the confines of “With Ardour and Joy Through the Incommensurable Path” is anything other than magnificent. It’s something about what Hadit pulls off around every corner in these seven uncompromising tracks that we get here with there being true magic woven through it all that’s clearly of a darker vein than what we’re used to seeing, but it’s all too fitting for the world of death metal. It’s with absolute mastery that Hadit commands it for the whole of “With Ardour and Joy Through the Incommensurable Path” in a way that only further elevates the already stupendously mystical death metal that Hadit has perfected pretty quickly given there was only one EP from them before this, and any of us would be remiss to skip over what they’ve crafted here on their first full-length album. The record as a whole feels almost like one disorienting ritual to the most exciting degree as Hadit never once lift the veil over what exactly it is that they’re invoking at all times here, and I’d be truly hard-pressed to find other bands that have been able to pull off that ritualistic element of a comparison caliber like what has been delivering in high excellence here.

It’s in every way that this work is executed in such a way that all seven of these doctrines are the very definition of compelling right from the get-go as Hadit doesn’t mess around for even a second with their unforgiving sound that does nothing but deliver the goods at every single turn. Should you find yourself falling into the depths of what “With Ardour and Joy Through the Incommensurable Path” has to offer, I can only offer you the best of luck for it is a dark and voracious experience the likes of which death metal was made for, and I can’t wait to fall back into it time and time again.

LISTEN to “With Ardour and Joy Through the Incommensurable Path” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Hadit on Facebook here.

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