Mortuary Spawn – Spawned From the Mortuary

There’s nothing quite like the first piece of material from an ear-catching, promising death metal band. The style has long been able to be classified as over-saturated for many different reasons, but it hasn’t been at any point that we can sit here and say that there isn’t always new talent around the corner to keep us coming back for more. The seething bed that is the deepest layers of the death metal underground has a knack for being home to some truly interesting names that can quickly rise out of that bubbling muck, the latest of which being none other than Mortuary Spawn with their voracious debut EP.

The seething underground of metal has never let me down in its many forms no matter what kind of metal we’re dealing with in that moment, and I had very little doubt that it would disappoint me here with the reputation that Mortuary Spawn has very quickly made for themselves given how much support it’s already gotten on Bandcamp. For once, I was right and I couldn’t be any more thrilled about it! It’s clear beyond a reasonable doubt that everyone behind Mortuary Spawn knows exactly what they’re doing with their expertise in this acidic death metal being all but obvious right from the very beginning, and with all five of these tracks being four minutes or less with plenty less than three, “Spawned From the Mortuary” doesn’t waste your time in any form. Everything about the EP is the very definition of quick and painful in the utmost brutal of degrees without a single moment being wasted in any form whatsoever as every note of this work is dripping with the nastiness that death metal is becoming more and more reverential of in recent years, but it’s not often by any means that we get the level of quality like what we get here with Mortuary Spawn’s debut with every second of it being more than worthy of investigation.

Between the nasty riffage that adorns the whole of the record and the undeniable craftsmanship that we’re dealing with here almost promises to us that Mortuary Spawn is not here as a one-trick pony that can only deliver on EP and then never be relevant ever again. Rather, it’s in each and every track of “Spawned From the Mortuary” that shows us this English act is not here to fuck around, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

LISTEN to “Spawned From the Mortuary” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mortuary Spawn on Facebook here.

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