Thou Shalt See – Demo

Ever since my discovery of Canyon of the Skull, I’ve always had the drive to find the next instance of glorious instrumental doom. Clouds Taste Satanic has been one of my favorite finds since having that drive, but it has been in the years since that discovery which I find myself in a bit of a drought. There have been a couple of fitting bands here and there, sure, but there has yet to be a third name that has really caught my attention to bring nothing but excellence to the very concept of instrumental doom. With their first doom and a very promising beginning, Thou Shalt See is poised to fill that spot.

A humble demo like what we have here with it being the first material that the act in question puts forth is always laced with opportunity, potential, and rampant speculation. All of that pointing towards the band’s future with uncertainty always hanging over everything in question as it rightfully should be, but I cannot help but have a gut feeling that Thou Shalt See is on the path to making something pretty damned interesting, and that’s not even taking into account the pretty captivating demo that they’ve already produced here. Featuring already well-accomplished musicians that don’t need to prove anything to my ears, it is in these four voiceless tracks that Thou Shalt See’s entrance to the world of instrumental doom is a vastly promising one with familiar ground being tread at all turns here, but it’s with an undeniable mystical air to it all that makes this debut such a treat to dive into as the drawn-out riffs pull you in further and everything from the keys to the beats of the drum coalesce into a wondrous performance. The whole of this demo has a very raw and unpolished sound about which is all but expected in demos of all kinds, but there’s something about that factor that makes this demo in particular far more potent with it adding a grounding feel to what Thou Shalt See delivers here in such fashion that feels more than perfect for what they’re able to deliver, and it’s by the end of this 30-minute debut something that must be heard by any purveyor of instrumentalism, especially that from the world of doom.

A well-executed demo is rarely like anything else that a proper recording and studio-treated record could ever bring forth, and if there is anything to glean from what we get from Thou Shalt See in their demo it’s that they’re already well on their way to delivering material that cannot be considered anything other than massive. All four tracks that we’re treated with here point to this being a name that demands to be heard in the world of instrumental doom, and I cannot wait to see where they go next.

LISTENĀ to “Demo” on Bandcamp here.

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