The Furor – Obliteration Matrix

When we take into consideration even the concept of blasphemy across the vast realms of extreme metal, you can’t go far without running into it in full force. It’s what has made many albums within black and death metal the powerhouses of occultism and intensity that it has become in many different aspects with some bands barely tapping into all that it can bring forth while others fully embrace it to make music that cannot be considered anything less than apex blasphemy. The Furor is no stranger to such a tag, and it’s with this latest work that this Australian act prevails through darkness yet again.

Right out of the gate, before you even hear a note of what The Furor brings forth in these eight blistering tracks, it’s thanks to the band’s name itself, the album’s cover art, and the album’s name that all give very obvious clues as to what exactly any newcomer is in for. This is a mix of black and death metal into a glass vial destined to become shrapnel that we’ve all seen before in some form or another, yet it’s still with a tremendous sense of the sound it wants to create as well as the devilish knowledge of how to produce it in a way that is no less than engrossing that The Furor has made another record that I simply cannot turn myself away from. Everything about “Obliteration Matrix” screams stereotypical black/death metal to me in a way that would almost certainly feel boring in the hands of any less capable musician, but it’s with his work in other well accomplished bands as well as the dark fury of excellence that this act has been delivering for years that the single man behind The Furor with this, surely, being a display of some of his best and most intoxicating work yet. It’s hard enough to make such an unforgiving and all-consuming sound like what we’re dealing with here which makes the wild success that is to be found with every second of “Obliteration Matrix” so bewildering for, by all accounts, this record would not work nearly as well in the hands of the less capable, speaking volumes about the mastery and skill that we’re constantly dealing with when we play anything that comes from The Furor.

The Australian’s work in any of his bands have never been anything to miss, but it has to be with The Furor that he has to immensely pleased with himself for the massive darkness that he’s brought forth since the band’s inception almost twenty years ago with every work he puts out being a fresh testament to the glory that he puts forth with the quality increasing and being no less than guaranteed. “Obliteration Matrix” is just the latest in that line, potentially the greatest so far, but it is far from the end of the blasphemous flames that this act will have washed over this pathetic Earth in the future.

LISTEN to “Obliteration Matrix” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Furor on Facebook here.

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