Krilloan – Stories of Time Forgotten

It’s all too often that we find ourselves swarmed by bombastic material with tons of energy and life to it that has the capacity that can feel downright invigorating, but it’s all too often that it feels lifeless. What’s the point in being massive in virtually every aspect if you can’t deliver a performance that exudes passion and life? That’s a problem that plagues far too many bands in the worlds of heavy and power metal, but all it takes is one band to refuel one’s interest in a sound. For me, it may be Krilloan that rekindled my interest tonight.

Five tracks are rarely enough to make any sort of lasting impression, and I knew that would be far from different from the five tracks that Krilloan has brought forth in their debut EP, but having heard the single “Moonblade” last year, and it’s finally time for Krilloan to deliver that very material. I’d be lying if I said that this release was at the forefront of my consciousness when I consider works that I was looking forward to which makes my rediscovery of the Swedish act a very pleasant and welcome surprise. And given the quality of the material that is to be found within “Stories of Time Forgotten”, I truly cannot express how thrilled I am by this rediscovery! It’s right in the first few moments that Krilloan prove themselves to be among the very same cut that many promising acts out of the realm of power metal like to think they’re coming from, but there’s a special potency to what is delivered here in these five songs to set Krilloan apart, even just barely, from much of the rabble that is to be found throughout the burgeoning scenes across the style. Missing some of the cheesy elements that make some works so much more palatable, it is the whole of “Stories of Time Forgotten” that is played entirely straight but that is not to be confused for something that is void of fun or the undeniable pulse of life. They both permeate everything that’s brought forth from Krilloan in a way that is downright irresistible, and it’s right until the very end that the listener cannot hope but become roped into this debut EP even after realizing that this is a far cry from material that can be classified as next level for this style by any standard, but it is irrefutable for its entirety that “Stories of Time Forgotten” puts on a tremendous show whose effects do not quickly wane with enjoyment being had for several spins after the first. What else could we ask for out of such a release?

A debut is where a band sets the stage for what we’re likely to expect from them. Even judging from “Moonblade” last year, I could not help but wonder that Krilloan was onto something, but it is absolutely with this EP that Krilloan instantly proves themselves to be a name worthy of attention from all angles. If “Stories of Time Forgotten” does not leave a lasting impact on you, then I can virtually guarantee that with the boon of time, Krilloan can undoubtedly craft a follow-up that will.

“Stories of Time Forgotten” releases on May 21st!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Stories of Time Forgotten” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Krilloan on Facebook here.

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