Birds of Nazca – s/t

Should we take into consideration all of the instrumental rock bands that are luckily around today, we’d be here for weeks, no doubt. From names like My Sleeping Karma and The Re-Stoned to Kylver and The Mantle, we truly have no shortage of options these days in any form. It’s with their debut record that Birds of Nazca were entering an extremely stiff competition, but it’s the resulting effort that poises them to become a surprising name in the scene.

Despite not doing much that we haven’t seen before, I cannot talk about what is accomplished here that doesn’t make me curious as to just what exactly Birds of Nazca is capable of given the gift of time. With a sharpened sound and the tenacity to craft an eponymous debut that truly captures the mind and ears in a way that is quite surprising given the circumstances. The voiceless record does absolute wonders for a band that can easily be labeled as inexperienced, but it’s in all of these tracks that Birds of Nazca quickly prove themselves to be anything but. As their immensely catching riffage pierces through at every opportunity to make for a debut that is impressive by several standards as this French duo shows themselves to be very clearly adept at their particular sound that ultimately delivers a performance that cannot be considered anything other than seductive. And while there’s absolutely room for a certain level of heaviness in a style like this, it’s with their knowledge to pull back in that department while still bringing forth a presence that’s as all-encompassing as what we’ve gotten here that Birds of Nazca defies expectations yet again with that aspect certifiably being one of my favorites to be found within this work amongst the many that are to be found.

It’s always difficult to craft a worthwhile instrumental performance of many different kinds with the challenge always being present no matter the style, but that’s what has made this particular renaissance of instrumentalism all the more enthralling with how much success there is to be had around every corner. Birds of Nazca is only one of the latest names to do so with their performance being far from being any sort of forgetful by any and every standard.

LISTEN to “Birds of Nazca” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Birds of Nazca on Facebook here.

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