Vulture – Dealin’ Death

The current climate of thrash metal is certainly an interesting debacle. Much like heavy metal, it’s one of those styles that revels in its classic performances such that the sound as a whole has remained virtually unchanged for decades. In many other styles, there’d be some sort of innovation to have taken place normally while the classic sound would definitely have its days, but it’s with thrash metal that it can still be wildly entertaining despite not changing one bit in several decades. Some bands aren’t able to inject life into the sound leading to a listen that isn’t very interesting, but it’s from the likes of bands like Vulture that the future of thrash is clearly in very good and capable hands.

We could sit here all day and talk about what makes a good thrash metal record or even how to make it sound good in today’s world where there have been legions of solid bands in the world of thrash to make it a massive sound in all rights, but that would be to greatly downplay what every worthy act brings to the table in each release. I refuse to do that with what Vulture has crafted here with “Dealin’ Death” for it is everything from the world of thrash that we have been needing more of injected into our fucking veins even if no new ground is broken whatsoever. It’s with great tenacity and a true understanding of thrash that Vulture manages to rise above the competition with a real passion that bleeds into every single note, but the big thing about what makes “Dealin’ Death” such the vicious beast that it is the simple fact that Vulture knows precisely what they’re doing right from the get-go without a single fumble to be had for the utter entirety of the record. Between the unyielding speed that is prevalent throughout all ten tracks of the record, Vulture channels the spirit that every great thrash work has to its very core. The very presence of such a spirit changes the very nature of the record such that “Dealin’ Death” feels far more intoxicating in every department from the riffs to the screeching vocals to the hammering of the drums to the simple but absolutely staggering musicianship that makes Vulture the absolute modern powerhouse of thrash that it’s swiftly becoming with each album that it dishes out.

It was with their last outing that Vulture started to show us what they could really bring to the modern thrash scene, but that is utterly dwarfed by what’s brought forth here. Every single razor-sharp inch of “Dealin’ Death” is precisely what the style needs more of no matter when it is, and it’ll be in all ten of these tracks that every thrasher out there will find loads of enjoyment in for years to come.

“Dealin’ Death” releases on May 21st via Metal Blade!

PRE-ORDER “Dealin’ Death” via multiple sources here.

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Dealin’ Death” on Bandcamp here.

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