Human Failure – Crown On The Head Of A King Of Mud

The fusion of death metal and noise has always been an interesting one, to say the least. It’s quite a concoction to mix together such infamous styles that are known to be harsh in even their most refined forms, but it’s in recent years that we’ve seen the combination used more and more with deadlier creations being made as time goes on and I’ve always wondered if anyone would be able to bring something else to that already bombastic mix and have it actually work with everything else that’s at play. Given just barely 15 minutes, it’s one man under the banner of Human Failure that has accomplished just that.

I could not even conceptualize a band name more fitting than Human Failure in a case like this. It just fits way too well, and given the music in question here, it’s so perfectly bleak that it leaves the mind wondering what other choice there could have possibly ever been with even the somewhat lengthy album title working well to give us just an inkling of what supreme chaos we’re in for before even listening to a single second of this madness. If “Crown On The Head Of A King Of Mud” were to “simply” be left at a creation born out of death metal and noise, we’d already be in for a hell of a time right there, but it’s with the daring injection of punk that makes this intense record the very definition of caustic. That’s a wild concoction that could effortlessly fall apart in the hands of even the slightly incapable, but it’s across five unyielding and blistering tracks that Human Failure provides us with a seething experience the likes of which we’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere even if we were to look in the very shadow of Primitive Man, for this is a creation all of its own that simply does not come around often in terms of quality, intensity, or raw attitude. We get everything from insane speed to flesh-melting intensity to a cannibalistic hunger within the fiery confines of “Crown On The Head Of A King Of Mud”, and I cannot stress enough just how much Human Failure makes this record all its own despite how easy it would be to just copy a few bands to bring together under the guise of something unique. This is a ferocious listen right from the very beginning, and to be caught in its waves of grand violence and voids inescapable that you can really appreciate the madness that Human Failure has complete dominion over at every turn of this record, making the fact that this is just the act’s debut all the more bewildering.

By all accounts, a sound as awesomely vicious as this should not work as well as it does in the case of this defiant EP. It is in every possible regard that Human Failure has persevered to craft something that’s the epitome of self-devouring the likes of which could one day stand toe-to-toe with the aforementioned Primitive Man along with rising underground powerhouses like Cryptae when it comes to their innovations in pure violence, and just one minute of this debut should be enough to prove why that’s the case. “Crown On The Head Of A King Of Mud” is both everything you’d expect and so much more as it checks off all the needed boxes for a release of its kind while still going above and beyond to not just impress the listener, but absolutely devastate them.

LISTEN to “Crown On The Head Of A King Of Mud” on Bandcamp here.

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