Yautja – The Lurch

Disoritentation is often a trait that is viewed under two completely different points of view where it can elevate a recording into a cerebral experience that is downright bewildering or it quickly makes the material in question an absolute mess in virtually every form with the hands making it not able of properly guiding it. If a band is able to come along and produce an album that uses disorientation to its utmost advantage, it makes for a work that is the very definition of stunning in such ways that almost feels wrong. Yautja has been perfecting that art since their inception, but it is undoubtedly with their upcoming effort that they’ve reached a devastating new peak.

It’s the vicious concoction that is mixing death and sludge metal that have led to many glorious creations over the years with not nearly enough being made if you ask me, but it’s with a particularly potent injection of grind that such a creation can easily become too much to handle for even some people with the staunchest of listening habits when it comes to the extreme. Yet, despite such a sound practically asking for failure with it surely being loaded with trips and pitfalls for any unassuming act, it is with absolute power and domination that Yautja takes that concept to a stunning new height with “The Lurch” the likes of which I will be floored to see topped in any form by any band in the future. While having a greatly disorientating sound that permeates every facet of the record, it’s with songwriting that’s the epitome of grotesque catharsis, instruments that bring new meaning to the word schizophrenic, and overall musicianship that brings the descriptor of “twitchy” to a new level; all come together to provide us with a truly unrelenting and unforgiving experience that consumes all around it before it turns inward to devour itself in the ultimate act of depravity that’s more than fitting for all that occurs within “The Lurch”. Pair that with a devilish blend of riffs and heaviness the likes of which would be a true task to turn away from, and it’s in every second of this breath-taking abomination that Yautja returns to us in only the most exemplary of fashion.

It all makes for a record that’s unforgettable in so many aspects with the psyche being practically left for dead by the end of what all “The Lurch” has to throw our way, but it’s through such exquisite execution and unparalleled understanding of such an unapologetically voracious aural assault that it will be dying to dive back in for even more. Ever since the first day they delivered us material that has caused our brains to melt, Yautja has been slowly climbing to this peak that leaves us scarred from the fiery glory that is on full display and it simply could not be any more glorious than what we get here in all that “The Lurch” brings forth.

“The Lurch” releases on May 21st via Relapse Records!

PRE-ORDER “The Lurch” on multiple formats here.

LISTEN to singles from “The Lurch” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Yautja on Facebook here.

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