71TONMAN – War Is Peace // Peace Is Slavery

It is not an uncommon thing for many of us to want to compare some decidedly heavy music to that of nuclear fallout for many different reasons, but it’s not terribly often whatsoever that we actually do get an album that’s more than appropriate for such a description in its sound, form, and every shred of its composition. The classic pairing of sludge and doom is the most obvious pairing for such a creation, mostly because it’s the most effective, but it means nothing if the band in question doesn’t know how to wield it all without becoming lost in obscurity by not standing out. With their new EP, if 71TONMAN is to suffer that same fate then I will gladly cast myself into the radioactive dust cloud that remains at the end of this record for it is everything that the very concept should be right from the beginning.

The long, drawn-out excruciating pain of being disintegrated beyond oblivion is what many of us visualize when we imagine the raw power that sludge and doom can provide when they come forth hand-in-hand, but that is not quite the case with the performance that 71TONMAN delivers within the 23 minutes that are to be found within “War Is Peace // Peace Is Slavery”. While absolutely having moments of trudging heaviness that bring true meaning to the definition of caustic, it’s with blinding power that 71TONMAN allows their work to really become so much more that can only be likened to the terrifying prospect of actually being a victim of nuclear annihilation. Each track can be read as a different stage in that gruesome death from the marching of soldiers to foreign lands to shed the blood of their enemies as the violence slowly increases, the fighting coming to a mortifying climax that results in several flashes of utterly blinding light that snuff out the souls of all nearby, and then it is with soundscapes that truly get under your skin that 71TONMAN closes out “War Is Peace // Peace Is Slavery” as though the thin husks of our souls drift out into oblivion along with the others that vanished in a flash. It’s with power that is absolutely dominating and suffocating that this band pushes their riffs to crack the very sky with the vocals being the narration for the End of Days alongside the hell-borne lightning that the drums are constantly invoking, and it’s when all of that is brought together that we get the utter devastation that “War Is Peace // Peace Is Slavery” delivers in every form to make it an offering that’s deceptively short the very concept of destruction the likes of which the world does not see in such a form often at all.

Such power and the know-how to command it to result in an effort that’s as staggering it is unfortunately brief is something that we just do not get on a consistent basis whatsoever, and it’s with that fact alone that this EP should be hailed as something massive with the name of 71TONMAN passing around the underground with real speed and ferocity. You get the exact kind of intensity you think you’ll get when you first dive into “War Is Peace // Peace Is Slavery”, but it’s at the same time that they somehow manage to make it so much more.

“War Is Peace // Peace Is Slavery” releases on July 9th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “War Is Peace // Peace Is Slavery” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE 71TONMAN on Facebook here.

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