Herzschlager – All The Nights Are Done

While many of us were more focused on the lack of shows that happened last year due to obvious reasons, there were some musicians who took advantage of main projects having to be put on hold as best they could by forming side projects. They’re able to explore territory that those main acts would not be tapped into normally, and there’s a true laundry list of musicians that took the concept and ran with it such that we’re still seeing that material being released today. Members from Allfather are just some of the latest to be added onto that list, and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be more than interested to see more from this brand new name.

A stark departure from the usual sound that Allfather puts forth, it is with Herzschlager that we get a true homage to so much of what punk has been able to bring to the table with this 6-track EP performing a compelling d-beat sound that is beyond competent by all accounts and is the very definition of cathartic. And, really, cathartic works are what we’re to expect after what the world has gone through recently, which helps make what Herzschlager has done here all the more timely and fitting. That’s not even taking into consideration the sonic excellence that “All The Nights Are Done” puts forth in every given minute for the absolute whole of its existence. Using their already established talent to great effect, it is the duo that makes up Herzschlager that clearly has a knack for this aggressive sound as well as it feels more than natural coming from them with the songwriting compelling, the intoxication always at a high, and the energy that’s to be found right from the moment you press play being undeniably captivating in all regards. Being able to make such a work that truly holds your attention virtually without exception is the sign of musicians who are more than comfortable in the given sound, but there’s something particularly fascinating about what’s done within “All The Nights Are Done” that I just cannot quite put my finger on, and I’m quite okay with that if it means we’re to get more from Herzschlager in the near future.

I can easily see some complaining that they’d rather Allfather working on new material as opposed to two members using their time to craft something a little different, but how can you say such a foolish thing after listening to what’s been accomplished within “All The Nights Are Done” with how much of a true win-win scenario it is? Herzschlager is far better than I had dared hoped for it to be, and I cannot go another sentence without imploring the inner punk in all of us to give this debut a chance, for it is virtually guaranteed that it will strike in all the right areas.

“All The Nights Are Done” releases on May 7th via Rotting Throne Records!

PRE-ORDER “All The Nights Are Done” on Bandcamp here.

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