Corr Mhóna – Abhainn

Is it something about the Irish or is their doom metal getting better? From Soothsayer to The Grief, the Irish doom scene has been seeming to get better with each passing year with it feeling like every new album that I come across that qualifies as such is becoming better than the last in some form or another, and I don’t think I was properly prepared for this offering. Featuring current and former members from the aforementioned The Grief, it is with Corr Mhóna that we get a performance the likes of which has left my jaw on the floor in pure astonishment.

It’s already that I’ve begun to accidentally mislead as to what exactly we’re dealing with here. By just describing this as a doom metal work and nothing else, that already puts a specific sound in mind even if there are several variations on what that can mean, but it is for the absolute whole of this record that Corr Mhóna delivers us a performance that is so much more than a work of pure doom. Rather, “Abhainn” is constantly injected with an immensely potent shot of folk metal that immediately sets these ten tracks apart from so much else of what the doom scene brings to the table, and it’s with another addition that is likely borne out of their Irish heritage that the record truly does have a different feel. Where the realms of doom and folk seem to rarely overlap despite the grand potential, it’s in this record that Corr Mhóna expertly bounds between the two, finds a middle ground that’s downright intoxicating, and even ventures outside that already crazy mix to bring even more tantalizing flavors to “Abhainn” with such skill and wonder that it’s by the end of the album that it becomes all but clear that Corr Mhóna has not only left its mark on the listener, but the Irish scene as a whole and potentially further beyond.

As the band’s first work in seven years, I cannot express how stupendous it is from top to bottom with every moment oozing glory the likes of which we simply don’t get to see often anywhere else no matter where it comes from, and it’s with true grandeur and expertise that “Abhainn” more than delivers to our expectations to where I will be damn disappointed if I don’t see this record wash across the scene in some form or another. Corr Mhóna is poised to take over the Irish metal state of affairs like few other works, and I couldn’t think of a more enrapturing work that’s up to just such a task.

LISTEN to “Abhainn” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Corr Mhóna on Facebook here.

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