Maw – s/t

To blend together many different styles in order to craft a sound that you can really call your own is to really test your chops as a musician in my eyes for if you can accomplish that then you have done what many haven’t been able to. Being able to create a sound that really does feel unique in multiple factors can be the reason whether or not a band ascends beyond expectations or not, and it’s with their debut album that Maw has more than defied any expectations that I may have had before listening to it with every song offering excellence and so much more.

If I were to try and pick out what flavors Maw brings forth into this swirling cauldron that they used to craft their eponymous debut then I’d have to look at their Bandcamp page for the self-description of what all spices went into this nastiness. It’s in that recipe we see hints several different notes from all over the rock spectrum from the likes of desert, stoner, grunge, and punk all playing a role in the overall creation that Maw has meticulously crafted here to make this record not just heavy but nasty with a sleek edge that works far too well, allowing the album to become one of many opposites working in impressive harmony throughout all six tracks that are to be found within. The mix is absolutely staggering! Maw has really excelled at creating an album that is not only able to take its time with its glorious, slow-acting poison that really grabs a hold of your entire psyche before quickly changing gear and becoming a bludgeoning hulk with such concentrated bursts that make each track a devilishly layered listen that doesn’t hold back in any department as their self-titled starts them off on an impeccable first step with every facet of the work amplifying their talent with every passing minute to a magnificent extent.

There aren’t very many bands that are able to deliver a product like this with as much intricacies or glory to be had in every moment, and that makes the marvel of what Maw has done all the greater. There will always be a number of bands for us to keep our eyes on in the vast underground, and it is the name of Maw that definitely deserves a name on that list from now as it’s with these six tracks that they have more than earned such.

LISTEN to “Maw” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Maw on Facebook here.

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