Osiris – Meanders A Soul…

Of all the styles that I’ve come across that have the most obvious potential but we never really see it executed in a way that the more extreme ends of metal can really eat up, symphonic metal is easily the first thing that comes to my mind. Oh, sure, bands like Carach Angren and Fleshgod Apocalypse have done wonders for the world of extreme symphonic metal, but it’s apart from them that we simply don’t see the concept done with much consistency whatsoever with quality examples even fewer in between. Coming back from a lengthy hiatus, it is Egypt’s Osiris that shows the underground exactly how it’s done in a manner that cannot be considered anything other than godly.

I cannot express enough how much Osiris blew all my expectations out of the water with this release. This is a far leap from your typical, run-of-the-mill symphonic metal where everything feels glossy, overproduced, and a glorified version of power metal. This is a work made for the extreme metal world that brings together so much of what symphonic metal is capable of without compromising in the slightest when it comes to creating an epic overtone that permeates the very soul of the work to the crushing intensity that it’s all performed with, and that’s just the very tip of what “Meanders A Soul…” brings to the table! You could pick any one of these tracks to stand on their own as singles and all nine of them would work perfectly as it’s in each and every one of them that Osiris blow us away with an addicting combination of calculated musicianship, the knowledge of what they’re going for right out of the gate, and the passion to pursue such a sound with tenacity that amplifies “Meanders A Soul…” to quickly become so much more. From cascading pianos to unbridled riffage to guttural vocals to fantastical orchestrations, Osiris has captured the imagination like very few other bands out there with an imagination that is only matched by the band’s unquestionable skill with every moment providing something that you will not see elsewhere in the album which provides us with a genuine sense of grandeur and know-how with “Meanders A Soul…” never treading the same area twice to keep the listener not just engaged but utterly enthralled in what is constantly unfolding.

If there are to be more attempt at bringing the a more extreme vibe to symphonic metal that we simply haven’t gotten enough of at this point, it should be customary that “Meanders A Soul…” should be held as one of many standards for those wishing to achieve any sort of success. It’s in every feasible way that Osiris has succeeded with uncompromising talent the likes of which I doubt we’ll see in another new band any time soon, making this effort all the more spectacular.

LISTEN to “Meanders A Soul…” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Osiris on Facebook here.

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