Ommnus – A Single Green Light

True heaviness is something that cannot be denied for when it’s done right, it is truly something else entirely to behold. Doom is one of the best vessels to bring such a vicious intensity to our ears with its classic pairing of sludge enhancing the madness even more to tremendous effect, but there are always a few bands that are able to take it all to the next level to make for a listen that is downright unforgiving. What we have here is but the debut from Ommnus, but the experience and talent that both band members have accrued over many years is more than apparent at every turn to make this work no less than formidable.

There is something about uncompromising power that is beyond alluring for metal fans, and I doubt I will ever truly understand why which I’m pretty okay with. Sludge is far from a new sound to me, but it’s every so often that there is a new name that comes to my ears that manages to take me by surprise at least a little bit and deliver an album that not only delivers on everything that the style can bring forth but even a little bit more, sometimes a lot of bit more. While it’s the sludge that takes a backseat to the doom and roll that Ommnus put at the forefront of their sound throughout their debut, “A Single Green Light”, I can’t help but sit here and think what this album would’ve been without that additional element. Still good, surely, but I cannot help but wonder, but it’s in any case that no matter what angle you want to approach this debut from. One cannot help but fully embrace the unbridled intensity that’s at play in every song that’s thrown our way for the entirety of the record that’s delivered via uncompromising riffage, an understanding of the desired goal that is no less than staggering, a fantastic drive that permeates the very soul of “A Single Green Light”, and a level of craftsmanship that really does glue everything together gloriously to make the sheer whole of this effort something that’s just as massive to feel as it is delectable to listen to.

A work of massive power like this album isn’t a new thing by any standard of metal, but there’s a particular magic that’s happening throughout every moment of “A Single Green Light” that makes it so damned alluring right from the very beginning, gripping throughout, and downright satisfying come the end. Should this just be the first of many that we see from Ommnus, I can only hope that we don’t have to wait long for a return.

LISTEN to “A Single Green Light” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ommnus on Facebook here.

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