Angrrsth – Donikąd

It tends to be that black metal focuses more on the atmospheric and lo-fi veins of its many branching sounds, and while that’s far from a bad thing we all know that there is so much more to black metal than just those two. If done in even a slightly different light, a band can bring forth a black metal performance the likes of exudes indomitable power and truly commands the listener to stay focused throughout all of the material to only have them scrambling for more once the work is over. It’s with their latest that Angrrsth do just that, and it’s the utter entirety of the work that they create a performance that is no less than striking!

When an album is able to properly suck you into itself and wrap your entire consciousness with the performance such that you have to make an active effort to leave its excellence purely because of how gripping it all is right from the very beginning, we all know that’s an album that is definitely going to leave its mark on the psyche. Even in its smallest moment, that is precisely the kind of experience that Angrrsth has crafted here with their first full-length album. After just a single EP, the insane upgrade in every category is utterly staggering as it is all seven tracks of “Donikąd” that do not hold back in any instance as Angrrsth manages to have complete sway over the listener via a powerful concoction of calculated aggression, modern black metal prowess, riffs that shake the very soul to its core, and the occasional use of a choir that just adds an entirely new layer of glory to this already massive sound that “Donikąd” boasts at all times without exception. The sheer excellence that’s contained in these 35 minutes is no less than absolutely staggering no matter how many times I listen to it, and I swear that if many aren’t swayed by the raw energy that Angrrsth commands for the entirety of this record upon its release then I will lose my mind for this is the exact kind of material that many of us are constantly craving for whether we know it or not, and there is no way for me to deny the fact that I already know down to my soul: what Angrrsth has crafted with “Donikąd” is precisely what many of us have been needing in virtually every form.

An album like this only comes around a few times in a year if at all, and it’s every time that one like it comes around that I think many of us are duty-bound to put that material right into the spotlight so that it gets the attention and praise that it so rightfully deserves, and I refuse to do any different with Angrrsth for this is a truly magnificent album that needs to be talked about. “Donikąd” is a no holds barred work that feels cater-made to the modern extreme metal fan for it works on every level and delivers a performance that is beyond striking to where I will be ashamed in myself if I don’t throw money down for this effort, and I better see many of you talking about this in the next few weeks.

LISTEN to “Donikąd” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Angrrsth on Facebook here.

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