Volc Vermaledide – Nietig

Black metal has never been lacking a mystical factor even since its early days. It’s not that hard to implement a sense of mysticism into the harsh style as even something as small as half-decent chimes could make for an entirely different feel for a record, but it’s not often whatsoever that we see it done to a great extent from any band new or old nowadays. When I first walked into the latest from Volc Vermaledide, I’d be lying if I said I was expected to be pleasantly surprised when it comes to that very idea, but it’s after hours of getting lost in the album’s depths that I do find myself very much pleasantly surprised.

A quality black metal album that is able to bring forth everything that Volc Vermaledide does throughout the whole of this brand new effort is to come across a record that truly does know precisely what it’s doing, for that’s an occasion that simply does not come around nearly often enough. For the whole of “Nietig”, we’re given an incredibly well-done mix of what can make a work of black metal still feel immensely true to the very roots of the style while still allowing the band to have its own sound that doesn’t make it a shameless reproduction of countless other black metal albums. A splendid concoction of a classic vibe done through a tasteful variation in tempo that truly carries the album alongside that mystical sensation that really does permeate the very soul of “Nietig” to a gorgeous degree, and then it is with tremendous use of atmosphere that is never once overbearing to make for an immensely layered listen that offers a lot more than what a cookie-cutter black metal act may be able to bring to the table. Add on top of that the fact of “Nietig” being this band’s debut and the record becomes even more worthy of a staunch eyebrow raise. Volc Vermaledide has really made an album that is not only cohesive but rewarding as it’s on the surface that the 5-track work may seem like another by the number release of the style, but it’s with each subsequent listen that “Nietig” unveils another layer of intrigue that makes it all the more interesting to listen to time after time, and that truly is a one of a kind gift that just keeps on giving.

In many ways, this is the kind of black metal records that I need more of in my life. The kind of record that not only defies expectations but also plays into them just enough to where it’s not an alien experience but far from something I could find in thousands of other albums, the potential for the name to expand especially given this is a debut work, and the know-how to create an experience that really does feel genuine in several ways while still keeping true to the original passion whilst keeping it fresh. In every way, that is nothing that I was expecting to encounter with “Nietig”, but Volc Vermaledide has done nothing if not impress me from top to bottom here.

LISTEN to “Nietig” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Volc Vermaledide on Facebook here.

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