Domkraft – Seeds

A picture speaks a thousand words, they say. When it comes to looking for new albums for me, the cover is one of the most important factors since it’s that first chance to make an impression on a potential listener, and when that cover is like what we have here, catching your eye is the least of what it achieves! Put that with the name of Domkraft and the album all around is shaping up to be something truly massive, and there isn’t a better description for what the band has brought forth on their upcoming album than that.

After just a few seconds, I have to stop looking into the endless bowels of that cover purely because it starts to hurt my eyes and give me a headache, but when it comes to the actual music of all that “Seeds” is, there’s very little that could stop me from listening once I started. While it was with their previous album of “Floods” that Domkraft left a solid impression on past listeners of their material, it is single-handedly with all that goes into “Seeds” that fans new and old will find themselves oozing over what this Swedish act has been able to craft for it is nothing that shouldn’t be considered anything other than monolithic! In virtually every department, “Seeds” has it all without shame or compromise. From the psychedelia that permeates every facet of the record, riffs that are absolutely dripping with glory, a sense of heaviness that cannot be touched, craftsmanship that is nigh on delectable, and the power to drive the performance home that will surely catch the fancy of many listeners, Domkraft has made an experience that just keeps on giving with each new listen providing a new glory to an already magical blend that does not know how to stop pumping out true excellence. A record that just keeps on giving right from that delectable opening riff, it is the entirety of “Seeds” that promises greatness right from the very beginning and it’s by the end of this massive work that you’ll find yourself scrambling for another hit.

Doom like this cannot be understated in any form as works like this that truly stand the test of time and promise us greatness for the band that produces it, and it’s only fitting that a rising band like Domkraft would release an absolutely dominating release like this! The very essence of what’s put forward in “Seeds” is what many modern doom fans are looking for on a constant basis with Domkraft more than happy to deliver the goods with this album in a manor that cannot be considered any less than exemplary!

“Seeds” releases on April 30th via Magnetic Eye Records!

LISTEN to the singles from “Seeds” via multiple sources here.

LIKE Domkraft on Facebook here.

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