Gosudar – Morbid Despotic Ritual

Truly, the seething floor of the underground is a thing of decrepit beauty. You never know what’s going to come spewing forth from underneath those rotting floorboards with all sorts of acts busting out at different paces as we see some content to remain close to that floor, undetected, while others find themselves rocketing forth with scathing speed. When I first heard Gosudar a few years ago, everything about their sound up to that point promised a massive band that would present us with face-melting death metal the likes of which cannot be denied. With their first full-length album on the horizon, I can gladly report that so far that is very much the case.

The singular thing that any person should know before going into this work whether or not Gosudar has demolished their ears before is this: truly, this recording leaves no room for survivors. The very essence of what is brought forth for all of “Morbid Despotic Ritual” is the exact kind of material that one should expect to see rise up from the blackest pits of modern death metal as the overwhelming whole of this creation is an abomination that is built off of a tremendous sense of extreme brutality, riffs that can only be likened to mishappen and jagged hooks, the speed that is downright blistering in every form, and an absolutely oppressive presence that permeates every single moment that Gosudar brought forth in this full-length. Right from the beginning, Gosudar shows to us exactly what we’re in for in these six unrelenting tracks that are the very definition of murderous, and it’s each of them that take a perverted riff and burrow them deeper into our subconscious in such a form that it becomes no less than delightful with how nasty everything is with satisfaction being one of many products to be had from the effort. “Morbid Despotic Ritual” takes the very concept of face-melting death metal to crank that very idea up to a million with there being not one second for the absolute entirety of its runtime being caustic to the touch the likes of which cannot be easily ignored, and I would dare anyone to find a death metal band like this that makes such guttural excellence as well as Gosudar has done so early in its time.

Surely, this has to be just the first of many editions of blood-drenched madness from Gosudar. Their promising demo left nothing to the imagination with “Morbid Despotic Ritual” being the pitch-perfect debut that we could’ve asked for with every facet of this work firing on all cylinders no matter what point you find yourself in throughout the recording, and to say that it’s no less than infectious would be to set yourself up for being proven wrong several times over.

“Morbid Despotic Ritual” releases on May 28th via Rotted Life!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Morbid Despotic Ritual” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Gosudar on Facebook here.

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