Greenleaf – Echoes From A Mass

The entire world of rock has no shortage of styles that are just as fun to perform as they are to listen to, but it’s in the realm of stoner rock in particular that we find that fact taken to an extent the likes of which have been legendary for those who know what it’s all about. Whether it be the classics that have become must-knows for any fans of the sound or more recent acts bringing justice to that very legacy, stoner rock will likely never be lacking in promising bands who know how to deliver the goods, and it is Greenleaf who’s been at that very forefront for years now with their latest offering only furthering that catchy momentum.

While Greenleaf may not be neck-deep in the tropes that have become attached to stoner rock, it is always quickly forgiven with the simple fact that Greenleaf takes the essentials of the sound to craft their own path out of the style to make for something that is far from unique but undoubtedly their own. With their two previous albums “Hear the Rivers” and “Rise Above the Meadow”, Greenleaf has really taken the concept and ran with it to craft some of my favorite works of the entire style in recent years, and it’s with “Echoes From A Mass” that I’m somehow surprised to see it done yet again. The threads of familiarity between Greenleaf’s previous efforts as well as stoner rock as a whole can be found throughout all ten of these tracks that are all brought together for a listen that’s as smooth as it is engaging. The riffs that tie everything together for the whole of “Echoes From A Mass” are just the beginning of what’s to lap up in this record as it feels like more than before Greenleaf has brought a real emotional factor to the mix that truly does bring a weight to the entire performance that is no longer isolated in a couple of songs or even a few moments, but, rather, incorporating it into the very soul of the entire album which is performed to spectacular effect here. Culminating that with a level of musicianship that has truly enabled Greenleaf to become the big name in the world of stoner rock that it has rightfully become, and it’s down to the very essence of “Echoes From A Mass” that we’re gifted a key listen for the style in 2021 the likes of which I would love to see topped for that would mean something utterly mind-shattering given what’s at play in this work.

Greenleaf has been a massive influence on the palettes of many fans of the style in recent years, mine included, and to say that any new effort from them is cause for celebration would be to put it far too mildly with how well everything comes together, no matter the occasion nor how the band approaches such greatness in the penning process. Every moment of “Echoes From A Mass” is more than enough to live up to another hype and anticipation that this record has before its release, and, more than anything else, it further cements the legacy that Greenleaf has made for themselves over the years.

LISTEN to singles from “Echoes From A Mass” on Bandcamp here, and listen to the whole album via YouTube here.

LIKE Greenleaf on Facebook here.

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