Betty Benedeadly – From the Mesa

It’s not terribly often that I find myself bewildered by a piece of material strictly due to its performance because it really does feel like it’s hard to catch avid listeners off guard anymore, but that couldn’t be any further from the case of what’s happened here. Going into any work tagged with desert rock, surf rock, psych rock, or anything else of the same ilk, I immediately have an idea of what to expect given my previous experiences with those styles, but it is with her debut EP that Betty Benedeadly has pleasantly surprised me to the point that I’m shocked it’s taken this long for a work like this to be made.

The desert has never been lacking in inspiration for many musicians out there whether it be in the world of ambiance or rock with entire subcultures flocking into those scorched sands to find a specific brand of rock-enlightenment the likes of which you’d be extremely hard-pressed to find anywhere else in music. But, it was before tonight that I had yet to experience a single body of work that not only took the concept and ran with it, but combined it with a surf rock-esque attitude driven by a strong influence from spaghetti westerns, all realms of grand psychedelia, and a tremendous sense of what it takes to make a stand-out instrumental effort and Betty Benedeadly’s debut is no less than stunning! “From the Mesa” takes everything that this concept should ever be from the irresistible twang that’s found throughout the entirety of this brief but utterly tantalizing EP that really does open a new door for what the world of desert rock can become. The performance at large is surprisingly meditative as we can feel the desert heat being absorbed by our leather hats and the sound of wind brushing the sand across rock while every moment of “From the Mesa” is the very definition of invigorating as Betty Benedeadly is no less than adept at sweeping us off our feet for a desert adventure the likes of which I will gladly take time after time as I cannot remember a single effort that is comparable to what has been achieved in a mere eleven minutes.

Like I said, I am wholly stunned that such a work like this has not been produced sooner or, at the very least, hasn’t been greatly expanded upon by many pioneers of the desert’s music, but I could not be any more satisfied with this discovered as Betty Benedeadly as truly opened so many doors for the style that I hope to see many pass through in the coming years. “From the Mesa” has so much meditative power and twangy glory that cannot be denied, and I will be no less than disgusted if this effort goes unheralded as a work that has the potential to corner a new market in the ever-expanding world of psych rock.

LISTEN to “From the Mesa” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Betty Benedeadly on Facebook here.

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