Obzene – The Human Condition

The constant evolution of progressive metal is something that will never cease to amaze me as even though the style is the very essence of tenacious musicians pushing the genre to become so much more, it’s constantly overflowing with more who are seeking to push that envelope for both the genre and themselves. Self-challenge is something that can make for a truly interesting band once you realize that a band is doing their best to craft something that pushes what they’re capable of as a band, and that couldn’t be any more on the nose in the case of Obzene and their promising debut album.

While progressive metal itself is a sound that is interesting to begin with in virtually every scenario, seeing any band bring in elements from other styles of metal will always catch my eye because that’s when the possibilities expand almost exponentially. Bringing in elements from death metal, in particular, can make for an interesting brew in many forms even if the other kinds of extreme metal don’t get enough of the progressive treatment, but it’s thanks to acts like Obzene that the implementation of death in the progressive metal world has yet to wane in terms of raw entertainment. This is far from the most insane display of a progressive nature in metal, yet its excellence is felt throughout the whole of “The Human Condition” has Obzene does a fantastic job at bringing forth their best effort on this debut that does a tremendous job at showing us what this band is really made of, and it’s nothing to scoff at! Obzene is all but triumphant at bringing us an eclectic mix that is all brought together stupendously to provide us with an all-around solid listen that keeps on giving with each spin with the vocals particular doing a great job at bringing in the waves of death metal, and the instrumentation is nigh on compelling right from the beginning with it all being the true driving force of the cohesive power behind all that “The Human Condition” accomplishes in its six tracks.

Debuts like this are exactly why progressive metal has become the state that it is today with it being an absolute bastion of bands constantly seeking to better themselves as musicians and challenging what all can be done within the confines of metal, and “The Human Condition” is far from an exception to that. Obzene may not have broken any new ground or dropped anything truly massive with this debut, but it cannot be denied that their first effort is one to be respected with it being immensely promising if nothing else.

LISTEN to “The Human Condition” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube here.

LIKE Obzene on Facebook here.

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