Bongzilla – Weedsconsin

Is there even a fucking point to me doing an introduction to a band has synonymous with their sound as Bongzilla? One of the biggest stoner metal bands that managed to help transform the scene of doom and sludge metal, carving out entire corners of the style to revolve specifically around a plant, Bongzilla’s influence and reach cannot be overstated in today’s age. The only negative thing I’ve ever heard about this band is that it has been so long since they broke up, and new material would be a godsend. The news of this new effort was no less than massive in every respect, and the only thing larger than that news is the album itself which hits on all the right notes to provide us with an experience that’s no less than fitting for such a name.

With an album name like “Weedsconsin”, how could we expect anything other than greatness for what is likely the biggest comeback album that metal will see for the next while? Such humor has never been lost to Bongzilla with their legendary power always being able to back-up something that might put people of the train of thought that Bongzilla is a seriously awesome act, and that could not be anymore true with what we’ve gotten for all six tracks that make up “Weedsconsin”. Stretching across a glorious 43-minute runtime, this return is no less than immensely fitting as Bongzilla bring their A-game back to us in gorgeous fashion from the sheer intensity that they’ve been known for coming back in full force for this release and the eclectic nature of the band that’s constantly showing us new flavors that vary from one minute to the next continuously pile up to make the album as a whole a truly staggering listen. It’s the exact sort of listen that many of us will be expecting upon our venture into this smoke-filled world of undeniable riffs and heaviness because how else could Bongzilla return to us and not deliver a next level album that not only does extreme justice for everything that came before it, but continues to prove to us from one track to the next that Bongzilla is one of the greatest acts of its kind in our modern age?

The very essence of “Weedsconsin” is excellence right from the get-go, and any single person to deny this utterly massive work is in a fool’s errand to deny the very concept of mastery. Not much more can be said about what Bongzilla has accomplished with this stupendous work with there just being one last thing I could ever have to say: it’s good to be back.

“Weedsconsin” releases on April 20th via Heavy Psych Sounds!

LISTEN to a single from “Weedsconsin”, “Sundae Driver”, on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Bongzilla on Facebook here.

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