Kaatayra – Toda História pela Frente

Brazil has never once been lacking when it comes to churning out interesting metal bands by any means whatsoever with it being the bastion that many of us go to in order to get a proper fix of what South American metal has to offer. But, I honestly could not tell you the last time I had heard some Brazilian folk metal even though the potential for greatness is right there without any of us having to point it out. With not one but two efforts released last year, Kaatayra’s material is a glorious example of just how far that can be taken.

The feeling that I immediately get when venturing into this work is the overwhelming sensation of being lost in a dense jungle that’s completely overridden by ancient myths that have inhabited the land since time immemorial while it’s the oddly fitting black metal that brings to life the harsh way of living found within the leaves and the folk metal that brings to life the Brazilian tales like nothing else has ever likely done in all of metal. Kaatayra made quite a splash with their first album earlier in the year, but it is with “Toda História pela Frente” that I find myself particularly enamored with as we can see the concoction made into a slightly more mature form that gives us a new glimpse into what this act is capable of, and to say that it is a surprisingly unique entity in the ever-expanding world of black metal would be to greatly diminish what’s being performed throughout each minute of this evocative work. “Toda História pela Frente” leaves no stone unturned as Kaatayra holds nothing back in a display of absolute dominance over its particular sect of black metal that very few, if any, other bands are able to encroach upon with how unique it is right from the beginning, and the execution is so untouchable to the point that I would be stunned to see any band come around in the next few years that are able to match or even top what’s been achieved here.

Many hailed this band as one of the most stand-out of the year, and after hearing this effort I’m inclined to believe them even after listening to this effort just once not to mention several more. Getting lost in “Toda História pela Frente” is to submerse yourself in a work that is not ashamed to do something different and run with its own concepts with quality being no less than guaranteed the moment you press play.

LISTEN to “Toda História pela Frente” on Bandcamp here.

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