Goregäng – Long Live the Grime

It was with 2019’s “Neon Graves” that my eyes were opened to a Flordian death metal band that actually managed to bring forth a staggeringly potent crust influence into their work that managed to elevate the album to become one of my absolute favorite albums from that year, and it was Goregäng that put out that monster. Everything that they brought forth in those twelve tracks were utterly massive in every form from the uncompromising riffage, no-fucks-given attitude, and the desire to persevere with death metal that is quick and nasty. I have been wondering recently when we would hear next from this already-accomplished duo, and, luckily, it turns out we only need to wait until the end of the month!

The biggest question I always have with an anticipated release like what “Long Live the Grime” has been built up to be in my mind is an easy one to understand: will it still be good? No one wants to contemplate the idea of a band putting out a singular album and then having the quality fall right off in the immediate effort, but that’s an occasional reality that we have to come to terms with mentally. Easily, the biggest letdown I had venturing into “Long Live the Grime” is the fact that there are only four new original tracks brought to life in this EP, but combine that a continuing momentum that we had seen in “Neon Graves”, one of the best White Zombie covers I’ve ever heard, and another four tracks of a live performance featuring tracks from that previous record and ask me how Goregäng didn’t manage to smash this work out of the fucking part? This is an EP that just keeps on giving to provide us with the perfect appetizer for whatever else Goregäng will dish out next as a proper entrée for our ears with the original songs, the cover, and the live recordings working together in shocking synergy to let “Long Live the Grime” become much more than another EP that simply leaves us wanting more rather than enjoying what’s been brought forth. The whole of “Long Live the Grime” is very much a punch right to the gullet as Goregäng doesn’t hold a single fucking thing back in this new material with the energy always comparable to that of a nuclear plant, the infectious nature of the songs constantly drawing you deeper in as Goregäng’s jagged knives are constantly dragging you across the floor with power to match, and the immaculate understanding of what it takes to bring this particularly vicious mix to life all coming together to craft an experience that is nigh unforgettable to any fan of the sound without any second being wasted.

EPs like this are few and far between since there’s only so much that you can accomplish within a few tracks, but it is at every turn and opportunity that Goregäng goes so far out of their way to make this effort something that is the very defintion of memorable right from the beginning to that literal crowd pleaser of an end. There’s much to be uncovered in “Long Live the Grime”, and it proves one thing more than anything else: the powerhouse known as Goregäng is here to stay and will not be lacking in excellence any time soon.

“Long Live the Grime” releases on April 30th via Listenable Insanity Records!

LISTEN to Goregäng on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Goregäng on Facebook here.

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