Refore – Built To Nothing

Thrash has always been and will likely always be one of those styles that I always want to get more into, but there’s a wall preventing me from doing so despite my best efforts to overcome such an obstacle. It’s a style brimming with potential, but it is plagued by too many that don’t push the envelope with either their own sound or far too many that are complacent in repeating what’s been done countless times before but in a form that’s just doesn’t come together well. I do my best to remain optimistic, however, and the quality does show itself with time. On their debut, Refore has immediately shown themselves to be worthy of note.

Speed and riffage is very much a simple approach that can be done well if it’s put in the right hands to make for some thrash glory, especially since we all know it works in many other styles of extreme metal, but it can often feel empty if you don’t construct it well enough to become anything with potency or enough power to keep the listeners around. Sometimes simplicity can work, but so can diving a little further into the art of songwriting, and it really does seem as though both played strong roles in the creation of “Built To Nothing”. The whole of this debut is beyond competent by all accounts as we see Refore immediately show us what they’re capable of as they bring forth all the essentials needed in order to make for a satisfying thrash experience the likes of which can easily be built upon while still requiring skill in order to match or even recreate, but still with tons of room to improve even if the work at large is nothing to dismiss. The attempt at a slower song, in particular, can use some sprucing up for it just does not come together smoothly in any significant form, but the passion is absolutely there to make it a good try with the traditional speed and intensity of thrash done absolute justice for all of “Built To Nothing”. On a debut, though, such missteps are to be expected if you ask me, and the fact that Refore did as well as they did for the gross total of these eleven tracks makes it something definitely worth diving into.

The work as a whole is brought together with a deceptive amount of skill for a band so young, and I wouldn’t be all too surprised to see Refore refine their sound such that they find themselves capable to stand side by side with modern thrash rising starts like Panikk and Comaniac to become a name always worthy of mention. “Built To Nothing” is an immensely strong starting off point for a band starting from nothing, and Refore will do well to top what they’ve achieved here.

LISTEN to “Built To Nothing” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Refore on Facebook here.

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