Ultra Void – s/t

Back when metal was in its very infancy, it was a fuzz-filled world of riffs that were constantly teetering between the lines of some amazingly groovy hard rock and a certain something else entirely that would eventually blossom into the absolute delicacy that has become metal. It’s been in recent years that we’ve seen a bewildering resurgence of that classic sound to all sorts of success with countless bands trying their hands at the sound’s resurrection, but only a select few are able to perform it and do it justice. Yet, it’s with their debut EP that Ultra Void has defied the odds as well as expectations.

It’s oftentimes that when I listen to albums with a throwback sound like what we have going on heard with Ultra Void, I try to envision the release coming out at the targetted time period and see whether it not it may fit with its appearance one shelves blending it in with many of the tastemakers at the time. Sometimes I can see it, other times not, but it is with Ultra Void that I can undoubtedly see clear as day the jewel-case of this EP appearing alongside bands in the hard rock section like Cream, Led Zeppelin, Steppenwolf, and even Black Sabbath if you really want to throw their name around, and it’s with such a statement that I’m more than confidently in saying since Ultra Void really nailed this sound in every aspect. From the fuzz born of out every wet dream of a modern psych lover, riffs that are just too simplistic yet gripping to be ignored, and just enough of a shot of doom to capture that classic flavor, even more, Ultra Void embodies proto-metal like extremely few other acts out there with such gusto and tenacity that both help immediately set them apart from what many other would-be standout bands strive to be. Though with all that to be considered as well as the simple reality of this being the very first piece of material that we’ve heard from Ultra Void, the end result cannot be considered anything other than deliciously impressive by all accounts and I’d be shocked to see any connoisseur of fuzzed-out metal and rock oppose anything that is brought forth in this eponymous effort.

The argument can be made that this is a simplistic record without anything fancy being done here much less any new ground with a recycled sound, but it’s the reality that Ultra Void has crafted something very enthralling with all of those potential pitfalls within reach which immediately makes this effort something to behold all on its own. Whether or not the glory of Ultra Void’s sound will continue on any future efforts we will have to be patient in order to witness, but it is indisputable that what they’ve accomplished with this self-titled debut cannot be denied in all of its excellence.

LISTEN to “Ultra Void” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Ultra Void on Facebook here.

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