Grab – The Inevitable Filth of Mankind

It’s no secret that a significant portion of the black metal scene is still very much entrenched in its old-school ways. That’s far from a bad thing, but it’s led to some bands very much sounding the same and, thus, unoriginal and, thus again, boring. Just the tiniest amount of spice is all it takes to take a standard, run-of-the-mill black metal work to the next level whether it be some interesting melody, passion, or talent that just bleeds into every note that is performed. When it comes to their forthcoming effort, Grab utilizes every single one of those and more to make it a work that cannot be considered anywhere near the lower tiers of what black metal has dished out over the years.

Just looking at two simple factors should give anyone an indication as to why exactly Grab has blown all expectations out of the water with these six unholy lamentations of blackness: (1) the history of Grab itself, and (2) the illustrious back-catalog brought forth by every single band member. While far from the spotlight of the black metal scene at large, Grab has not gone unnoticed by many excavators in the dense underground thicket that black metal has boasted since its inception, and it’s here with “The Inevitable Filth of Mankind” that we’ve been treated with what’s only the second full-length effort from this Greek act as well as it being just the second proper work from them that we’ve gotten in thirteen long years. A lot can happen in such a span of time, and none of the member behind Grab has been still with some going on in other projects to further the reputation of Greek black metal or dabbling in other styles for the sheer sake of artistic variety, but it is singularly with this new effort that Grab instantly shows us that their time in other acts has not been poorly spent for it is with every moment of this monstrous work of the night that the underground has been granted a boon that, if it’s given the right amount of exposure, can make Grab one of the hottest “new” names to know in the world of black metal.

More than anything else, the thing that grabs me (ha) about the performance that is strewn throughout the entirety of the almost exactly forty-minute album is how stupendously melodic it all is. And don’t let that make you think this is just an instance of someone taking Satyricon’s “K.I.N.G.” and stretching it out for a full-length, but it’s all incorporated in such a classy way that I cannot help but feel like drawing comparisons to what Darkthrone did in its early days with every vibe of “The Inevitable Filth of Mankind” hitting the same kind of notes, and even the newest effort from Mork comes into mind with that preserving love for the classic sound of unrelenting raw black metal permeating every second of the performance that’s enhanced beautifully by a modern mindset that elevates the whole of the album to something that’s no less than delicious. Add on top of all of that a tremendous understanding of what makes a stellar black metal record when it comes to the proper balance of power, speed, pacing, and emotion coming together virtually flawlessly to make “The Inevitable Filth of Mankind” a voracious effort that is all but a lesson in greatness for all of black metal. Grab immediately sinks their jagged hooks into your mind to capture your attention right out of the gate to drag your limp body through the fields of blood and blasphemy that Grab has complete dominion over, and it’s once your tattered soul exits those fields it will feel all but compelled to experience that extreme darkness all over again.

Works like this pop up in the bubbling floor of the underground of black metal every so often, and it’s every single time that I feel duty-bound to call them out for the true glory that they bring forth in all forms, and I could not to any less for what Grab has accomplished here in the instance that the first track starts marching. The undeniable truth of “The Inevitable Filth of Mankind” is a nihilistic vision that has so much to pick apart in all that it brings to the table, and it’s with an extremely competent line-up that Grab has come out on top to deliver an ace performance that is not easily accomplished by any bands new or old with the passion that every member carries in every minute making this vicious experience all the sweeter.

“The Inevitable Filth of Mankind” releases on April 17th via Fucking Your Creation Records!

LISTEN to Grab on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Grab on Facebook here.

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