Eremit – Bearer of Many Names

There are just some albums that are destined for glory before they’re even released, and some even before they’re announced. When Eremit released their debut album, “Carrier of Weight”, just two years ago, I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted the massive response that it received. Following that just over a year later, “Desert of Ghouls” a much smaller effort by all accounts, but still utterly devastating in every way that showed us just how awesome Eremit is all the way around. And now, it’s with “Bearer of Many Names” that we finally get another hit of that sweet, sweet Eremit drug, and, by God, it’s damn near everything we could’ve asked for!

This has been one of those bands that I have not been able to shut up about since “Carrier of Weight” landed with my inbox, and guess what! Now that I have my sticky fingers all over “Bearer of Many Names”, get ready for another wave of me not shutting the hell up! But, in all sincerety, how could this album not be fucking awesome? Despite a tragic delay due to the events that virtually stopped the world for a year, the third effort from Eremit has finally arisen from seafoam-drenched caves to traverse scorching deserts with it being no less than utterly devastating the likes of which cannot be denied as it is not only the progression of the mythos that Eremit has been weaving since the very beginning with “Bearer of Many Names” providing us with chapters four, five, and eight (“Desert of Ghouls” gave us chapters six and seven), but it brings to us what some felt were lacking in last year’s EP as well as the next step forward in the band’s evolution with their sound, performance, and raw craftsmanship.

When it comes to “Bearer of Many Names”, one thing stood out to me more than anything else: there was no song that could offer itself up as an absolute riff-fest that pulled listeners in like flies to fresh honey (think something very much like “Froth Is Beckoning” or “Beheading the Innumerous”). While that could very easily be seen as a negative to some, it makes complete sense from a story-telling and conceptual perspective given the two tracks within “Desert of Ghouls” provided us with 20 minutes of pure riffs, it is with “Bearer of Many Names” that we see Eremit yet again tackle stupidly long tracks with the shortest pulling over eighteen minutes and the big meaty chunk that is that first song pulling in just under 30! And yet, Eremit’s performance doesn’t permit the songs to drag on it any form other than pure runtime as each track is utterly commanding right from the very beginning no matter how Eremit is tackling them. And no matter where the story takes us, it is the absolute entirety of “Bearer of Many Names” that leaves us totally enamored with the harsh world that Eremit has crafted out of virtually nothing.

Which brings me to one of my favorite parts of the band since the start: the story. Yet again, I could not tell you what precisely is happening within the confines of “Bearer of Many Names” since I don’t have access to the lyrics at this time, but just knowing the surrounding chapters provides some very interesting insight. Just visualizing the Hermit rise from the caves that were flooding with ocean water at the end of “Carrier of Weight” waking in the cold, wet darkness to find himself on ground for the first time, but then what happens? Does he venture forth to come across the titular Lovecraftian creature that’s featured on the gorgeous cover art? Is it the Bearer that provides the Hermit with the weapon to command that army of ghouls to lay siege to the sand-locked city of Râsh-il-nûm that we witness in chapters six and seven? But then how does the Hermit find himself afterwards, wandering the desert wastes locking blade to blade with the other wanderers that are filled with bloodlust and the desire to forever drench the dunes? Do any of these scenarios even happen? Who knows, not I! But it’s the speculation and trying to find the awesome story between the drawn out riffs that make “Bearer of Many Names” another gripping release of raw storytelling the likes of which very few bands have been able to achieve on any similar level, but it’s for the third time in a row that Eremit has delivered the goods in a form that cannot be denied with the quality always being at a massive high to provide us with experiences the likes of which you’ll be extremely hard-pressed to find elsewhere in all of music.

What else can I fucking say about this effort? Hell, I have a hard time finding much more to say about Eremit in general with the temptation to make this review a simple post of “fuck yes” in all caps and emboldened being immensely high, but Eremit deserves much more than two words of praise no matter how strongly they’re implied. It was with “Carrier of Weight” that Eremit rocketed through the scene at a scathing pace with “Desert of Ghouls” appealing to those of us with the desire for untold riffage surrounding by bloodshed that cannot be understated, but it’s with “Bearer of Many Names” that those of us crazy ones who are always craving that long-winded glory will find nothing but majesty within. Should this record not be hailed as one of the most overwhelming releases of the year, I dare say that Eremit will release the Bearer itself for that is a sin that cannot go unanswered for it is downright heretical.

“Bearer of Many Names” releases on June 11th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Bearer of Many Names” on Bandcamp here, or YouTube here.

LIKE Eremit on Facebook here.

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