Profaned – Surreal Existence

There are some out there who have the very foolish belief that the straight style known as heavy metal is far too easy to create with you really just needing to take some rhythms performed with a mild heaviness to then throw them together and, huzzah, you got a half-competent work many are ready to lap up. I cannot disagree enough. It still takes great passion and talent in order to deliver a performance of the style that’s moving in any form with expertise and the will to push forward needed in order to deliver those flavors that many of us associate with the style. It’s far from simple to create even if we see it brought to life by many surprisingly small acts the likes of which Profaned perfectly emulates.

A burgeoning Swedish act that are simply on a path to deliver some quality heavy metal that simply strives to make for a good time, how else can Profaned be seen as much of what heavy metal is always in need of? It’s not often whatsoever that a mere three-track EP is enough to capture the imagination and attention of any listener much less in the world of heavy metal, but to say that Profaned earned that very attention with just the first track of “Surreal Existence” would be to downplay the possibilities that this band have before them. This is a simplistic EP by many standards with Profaned even suffering a minor case of repetition throughout its tracks, but in no way does any of that make “Surreal Existence” a listen that doesn’t just pull you in right from the very beginning as these guys immediately get to work at drawing you in with delectable riffage and themes that can be interpreted many different ways that all come together deceptively well in a way that many of us would not expect whatsoever from a debut EP. And yet, it really does feel like Profaned knew what they were doing when crafted this entrance. Perhaps it’s their love and understanding for the style that’s come together magnificently or a sheer passion to deliver a natural performance of heavy metal or something else entirely.

Either way and no matter what, it’s upon investigation of “Surreal Existence” that I dare any person with a passion for heavy metal in their soul to not look at what Profaned has accomplished here and feel as though they’re setting the scene to become a band with an interesting future, for that is all I can see in these fifteen minutes of intrigue. Profaned may be far from what I consider to be at the forefront of modern metal and all that it can bring forth, but to even think about insinuating that excellence hasn’t been brought forth here is the spit in the face of the very idea of quality heavy metal itself.

LISTEN to “Surreal Existence” via Spotify here.

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