Heavy Trip – s/t

The unbreakable union of fuzz and heaviness in the world of rock is something that cannot be understated for its influence has been just a few levels short of revolutionary with throngs of bands still coming out today bringing it to the table in full force with no sign of slowing down. We could choose almost any band and find material that has the potential to launch the given band to glory more than befitting the realm of heavy psych, but it’s with an instrumental flair that we don’t often see the style take. It’s in that uncommon occasion that I tend to have way too much fun, and that proceeded to be the case again with Heavy Trip’s eponymous debut.

I couldn’t even begin to try and postulate on what fuzz-wreathed heaviness does to the brain that makes it so attractive for many of us with all that it offers even though it can very easily be argued that the concept in execution doesn’t have a great deal of diversity when it’s all taken into account. A lack of diversity can often lead to the feeling of recycled material and leaving just an overall stale flavor in the mouth, but all it takes is a group with talent to be introduced in order to deliver something that greatly improves that very taste much like what Heavy Trip has brought forward on their debut EP that is very much what many of us are constantly clamoring for. With just four tracks to be had for this entire effort, Heavy Trip utilizes every possible second of them to deliver us a performance the likes of which we’ve absolutely heard before by all accounts, but driven in an instrumental vehicle and carefully crafted by a band that knew exactly what they were going for with the capacity to do so being all but natural for them. The riffs absolutely carry this EP with the psychedelia being the flavor that makes it so damn good to sink your teeth into, the skill of each performance is precisely what’s needed for a drive that will be way too much fun, and the very quality of Heavy Trip being the final kick that makes the EP the intoxicating trip that it is with fun and glory is all but guaranteed for anyone who dives into this smoke-filled and psychedelic soundscape that just keeps on giving.

Many could make the argument that the lands of all things psychedelia don’t have much more to offer listeners when it comes to originality, but there isn’t a single one who can deny the simple fact that it’s still a damn good time to listen to with new acts like Heavy Trip continuously proving that point at virtually every turn! Heavy Trip absolutely has the potential to take their sounds to great lengths and become a well-respected name in the world of all things fuzz-filled rock, and it should be this debut that’s all the proof we could ask for.

LISTEN to “Heavy Trip” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Heavy Trip on Facebook here.

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