Dvne – Etemen Ænka

I think it’s safe to say that when I first heard Dvne seven years ago with their EP of “Aurora Majesty”, there wasn’t much for me to expect how far they’d go in such a short amount of time. After a tremendously successful debut full-length that got them signed to one of the most respected labels in all of metal, it’s hard to say they could’ve done better at all. It’s not without reason, though, as anyone who has heard their sound could tell you without having to even think about it, but after such a jump behind the scenes, I was extremely curious to see how they’d follow up such a bombastic effort. Without missing a single point, it’s with their sophomore full-length album that Dvne continues to show us what they’re capable of.

I feel like any of us would be immensely hard-pressed to find any single band much less any single release that shows off the excellence that Dvne has been bringing forth in their surprisingly short time as an act. Their particular brand is something that I haven’t found anything that comes close in the years that I’ve been doing reviews, and that trend only continued with “Etemen Ænka” giving us another look into the almost wholly unique world that Dvne has crafted for us. Just one listen of these ten tracks isn’t anywhere near enough to get a good idea of what all goes on in the confines of this cosmically massive record, and it’s with each listen that this glorious universe becomes more fleshed out to a delicious degree such that the experience becomes all but irresistible. Bringing together progressive elements alongside an expertly measured balance of sludge and doom metal, “Etemen Ænka” doesn’t just stop with that already-magnificent blend that is asking to be made into brilliance. It’s all throughout the record that we’re given a devilish mix of all that alongside choice pieces of ambiance as well as the occasional shot of death metal to truly crack the very sky of whatever planet we find ourselves on, and it’s in every burst of intensity that Dvne does no less than absolutely deliver as they become the epitome of infectiousness with Dvne working their sci-fi-rooted magic gloriously at every turn to maximum effect. In essence, it allows “Etemen Ænka” to become so much more than another pass-worthy sludge or doom effort that doesn’t do anything new, and words cannot express enough how far Dvne has set themselves away from such a description with all that this album brings to the table.

In every possible fashion, Dvne has not only surpassed the expectations that the fanbase may have put upon them but they have absolutely blown the previous full-length right out of the water. This is a treat like extremely few others out there in all forms of extreme music and I would dare anyone to try and find a work exactly like this one for it should become evident very quickly that not only is “Etemen Ænka” a formidable force that knows exactly how to execute the sound that it’s going for, but how to expand upon it brilliantly at the same time in order to craft an experience that is as close to the definition of unique that we could ever ask for.

“Etemen Ænka” releases on March 19th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “Etemen Ænka” via multiple sources here.

LISTEN to advanced singles from “Etemen Ænka” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dvne on Facebook here.

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