Cyrax – Experiences

Given the very name of the sound, progressive metal is constantly pushing the boundaries of what metal can be in many of its modern forms with there being plenty of bands that think they can do it well when it really falls to a select few that can bring such a concept to life. Seeing a band try to implement elements of jazz is oftentimes a death sentence in my experience with the band in question biting off way more than they can chew, but that never really seems to be a problem with what Cyrax brings forth in their latest offering.

I will always give full props to any band that dares to go against the grain and attempt to create something that both feels fresh and is in large part all their own for it can result in an experience that’s about as close as we can get to be unique. It’s the vast majority of the time that I’ve found bands to fall short of the line in order for their material to actually come together well in a form that’s not only good to listen to, but in a way that you can really feel the passion and talent behind it all without feeling clunky. There are bits throughout Cyrax’s “Experiences” that feel like they could’ve been brought together a little better in order to have an established flow, but there’s also a way to take that as a positive. The whole of “Experiences” feels incredibly frenetic right from the very beginning as it becomes very clear that Cyrax has no interest whatsoever in staying in one place for too long as the “progressive” part in this progressive metal performance is taken to a high degree of sincerity as you can really feel Cyrax going for something that’s much more than just metal as we get influences from as far as the world of jazz in order to craft a listen that’s just as eclectic as it is entertaining, and this is one of those few instances that the execution actually works out for the better in the long run.

“Experiences” manages to bring together many flavors in an endeavor to create something that can stand on its own without the direct support of any other outside force, and that goal is mostly met as Cyrax does deliver a performance that is surprisingly cohesive with only the odd factor coming in to just barely hold back what’s created here. Given the benefit of time and the right lessons learned, I’m sure that Cyrax is more than capable of rising above their fumbles in order to craft something that’s so much, but, until then, there’s no way for me to look at “Experiences” and feel that this band has failed at their goal in any way.

LISTEN to “Experiences” on Bandcamp here.

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