Ferriterium – Calvaire

It’s not terribly uncommon to come across quality black metal and tack the word “striking” onto it, but there are truly few bands out there that are able to meet such a description without a doubt to be had that it is beyond accurate with names like Gaerea coming to mind. I normally don’t have to keep an eye out for such things since the enclave known as Bandcamp and the hives of fans therein tend to point them out for more the vast majority of the time, and that proved no different today as I ventured into the latest work from Ferriterium to discover black metal that is the very definition of striking.

There’s true power behind this particular performance unlike what we can find in many other strains of the style with there not being a full reliance on riffs or atmosphere or anything else that black metal has been known to lean on for support when it comes to carrying an album. Rather, it’s for the utter entirety of “Calvaire” that this French act not only takes a little bit from everywhere across the style in order to produce a sound that is both bombastic and almost wholly their own, but they take it to a new height in order to deliver a performance that is not easily forgotten. That’s a feat that is always applause-worthy in a scene that seems oversaturated at many points given the sheer volume of other names out there, yet Ferriterium rises to the surface with blistering speed and wondrous power with all that they bring forth in “Calvaire”. The album is an absolutely ferocious onslaught that holds nothing back in any scenario that quickly makes “Calvaire” a work that is not to be taken lightly by any account as the very essence of Ferriterium washes over you in such fashion that it’s the very definition of undeniable as the album marches onward with riffs in one hand and a bloodied mace in the other stuff peppered by your brains. It’s a black metal record for the modern age the likes of which demands to be heard by anyone who wants to hear a proper performance of the style the likes of which we simply don’t get to see often, and to say that “Calvaire” delivers in all aspects would be a grand understatement.

Striking is definitely one of the few words that could perfectly summarize what has been done within the four tracks of this record that takes black metal to staggering lengths, and Ferriterium deserves full props for everything that they put into it all. From the very beginning, “Calvaire” sets us up for greatness in a way that not many other records can in just ten seconds, but it’s that initial promise of greatness that is actually followed up to glorious effect to enable the rest of the album to not only be fitting but downright irresistible.

LISTEN to “Calvaire” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ferriterium on Facebook here.

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