Cicada The Burrower – Corpseflower

Whenever I take into consideration mixing progressive elements into different styles of metal, black metal is oddly one of the areas I think of the least even though it’s one of those styles that sees some of the most self-experimentation in any single style across the realms of metal with very few competitors. That being said, progressive black metal is oftentimes one of the most exciting sounds that I’ve ever come across in my time doing these reviews. As if to back-up that point with excruciating detail, it’s with his forthcoming effort that Cicada The Burrower shows us what she’s really made of.

What catches me off-guard about this record is how much it caters to those of us who aren’t afraid to see music step outside its most preconceived boundaries in order to present us with material that is new, fresh, and immensely exciting, and it’s with the whole of “Corpseflower” that we see this taken to almost a completely different level. As Cicada The Burrower’s fourth effort, I feel there’s no need for this act to even try to prove itself as a name to know for it has surely done that on previous works should the band’s reputation carry any sort of weight. But, I feel it is undoubtedly with a fraction of the power that’s put forth within “Corpseflower” that we now see this band becoming something else entirely. A direct result out of a need for self-expression and the desire to create music that is both reflective and critical of its surroundings, this is a record that is the definition of eclectic work that’s emotion-borne with a striking appearance that from all angles can easily attract stares, but it’s the contents of “Corpseflower” that are far more interesting than just a mere summary. I truly have not heard a record that can hold a candle to precisely what has been created throughout the whole of “Corpseflower” to immediately enable this effort to stand out from any potential competition as everything within this album comes together almost too well to make for a performance that’s as entrancing as it is powerful to the very core and I dare anyone to find a record that can hold up to what’s been accomplished here in the grand display of tenacity and talent that Cicada The Burrower puts on to tremendous effect.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to come across a black metal record of this caliber that feels as personal and self-challenging as what’s done here to as high a degree, and it is now the name of Cicada The Burrower that I will absolutely need to keep a sharp eye out for in the future. Every single aspect of “Corpseflower” is something fawn over with little exception, easily making it one of the most exciting work of black metal that I’ve heard in years.

“Corpseflower” releases on April 23rd!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Corpseflower” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Cicada The Burrower on Facebook here.

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