The Crown – Royal Destroyer

It is the in-between realm of death/thrash metal that I feel needs more fleshing out. Oh sure, there are tons of bands within its borders and throngs more when you divide the two, but it’s in that merge area in particular that I feel like is one of the many different styles of metal that needs way more attention and bands to call its own given just how obvious the potential for excellence is right out of the gate. It feels like an under-utilized sound that can easily and quickly be expanded upon should the right people seize the opportunity. Should you need proof of concept at all, just look at virtually everything that The Crown has achieved lately with their upcoming effort of “Royal Destroyer” being another testament of absolute power!

Personally, I find it criminal that The Crown didn’t properly take off to another plane of existence when their last album, “Cobra Speed Venom”, came out three years ago for that was a record that delivered easily some of the best thrashy death metal that I had heard in years, and history is bound to repeat itself. But I simply cannot express strongly enough as to just how fantastically The Crown rose to the challenge to pen a banging successor to a grand album with “Royal Destroyer” being the epitome of everything that I’ve been needing more of injected into my fucking veins! To say that The Crown brought forth unbridled power paired with ungodly riffage and a deadly affinity to bring to life a sound that is the very definition of undeniable would be to bring great insult to what “Royal Destroyer” has brought forth in full force in its entirety, and even just the first few songs should be enough to show anyone why that is. The overwhelming whole of this album is something that cannot simply be played without blowing out your speakers with The Crown immediately setting the bar high with tracks like “Let the Hammering Begin!” and “Ultra Faust” showing us that this record fucking chugs with songs like “Glorious Hades” and “Scandinavian Satan” bringing viciously intoxicating anthems to the mix that work devastatingly well with the rest of “Royal Destroyer” being some balance of those two, and if that isn’t a formula for utter success brought about via oppressive and unrelenting power in the hands of masters then I don’t fucking know what is.

In every possible form, The Crown has created what should be a contender as one of their best works yet, and I just might fist fight anyone who dares defy such a notion. The very foundations of “Royal Destroyer” are rooted in mastery over this craft the likes of which death/thrash needs to take more notes from for if up-and-coming bands use what is accomplished here as a blueprint then I don’t see why the style won’t have a renaissance of bloody glory. That is if they can come close to this majesty, of course.

“Royal Destroyer” releases on March 12th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “Royal Destroyer” via multiple sources here.

LISTEN to singles from “Royal Destroyer” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Crown on Facebook here.

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