Miasmata – Unlight: Songs of Earth and Atrophy

It really does feel like some musicians are simply filled with more talent and ambition than others. That’s not to say everyone else isn’t talented or lazy by any means, but there is absolutely a select group who always seem to go above and beyond whether or not their efforts are recognized at large. As one of the driving forces behind the rising star that is Sojourner until very recently, this man has already shown himself to be an accomplished musician by all accounts in previous efforts of all sorts, but it’s with his solo incursion with Miasmata that we see him really come into his own.

While I was quite saddened to see the man leave Sojourner for all that he brought forth into the band and it’s wildly magnificent first three albums, it was immediately replaced by significant intrigue upon the news of the very existence of Miasmata. A black metal work with a particular emphasis on melody is something that he’s delivered before, but with an especially heavy injection of heavy metal influence, namely the instrumentation, it is the whole of “Unlight: Songs of Earth and Apathy” that we see him traverse into a new realm altogether with spectacular results. Being able to bring forth the two starkly different styles of black and heavy metal is to undergo a challenge that is far more than what many people may intially suspect with such a concoction yielding results only on a rare basis, but it is undoubtedly here that Miasmata has succeeded with that potion. There is not a single song throughout the entirety of “Unlight” that doesn’t grab the listener by the throat to keep us enthralled for several spins, deliver undeniable melodies the likes of which are beyond intoxicating, and a grand sense of musicianship that permeates every feasible moment of the album to make this a record that should absolutely be considered some of the most high brow black metal that we’ve gotten so far this year even amongst the stiff competition. It would be a massive understatement for me to say that Miasmata really surprised me with this effort as I still can’t stop listening to it even hours after that intial listen, but there’s true magic within it the likes of which we simply don’t get often and any person that is to defy the power held within this creation defies the very notion of spectacular black metal.

I came into this debut expecting a damn good time, and yet, I still find myself bewildered by what I’ve discovered! I knew that Miasmata would deliver a noteworthy performance worth diving into given the sole member’s repetoire, but there wasn’t much to prepare me for what is to be found in these seven tracks that are all stunning in their entirety as well as promising for what’s to follow. “Unlight” is quite possibly the ultimate first step that Miasmata could’ve taken as a new name in the scene, and it’s in every way that this name is not one to miss by any stretch of the imagination.

“Unlight: Songs of Earth and Atrophy” releases on March 14th via Naturmacht Productions!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Unlight: Songs of Earth and Atrophy” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Miasmata on Facebook here.

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