Insinistra – Art of Slavery

I honestly could not tell you the last time that any single piece from the world of symphonic metal really caught my eye to the point that I could not stop listening to it. The style has long been one of those grey areas for me that is definitely interesting by all accounts, but it’s not often by any accounts that it produces something that can really catch me off guard to end up surprising me. When I ventured into the latest EP from Insinistra, I wasn’t expecting much but I’m absolutely ecstatic to have been proven so wrong!

With a mere four-track runtime, how could I have expected so much excellence to be packed within the confines of this EP such that it’d leave me stunned upon my first listen and kept me coming back again and again and again? Every single thing about “Art of Slavery” defied my expectations from the album’s very name to the very fact going in that Insinistra is a symphonic metal act, but I cannot express enough how fantastically awesome it is to see all of my preconceptions defied right from the very outset of the EP with the grand intoxication factor keeping me enthralled for hours afterward! There isn’t a single thing repeated in any of these four tracks as “Art of Slavery” is a compelling and immensely diverse effort in every sense as Insinistra shows us what they’re truly capable of from the striking vocals, gripping instrumentation and orchestrations, and the passion that can be felt in each note coming together beautifully to give us an experience that’s not only fun to listen to but massively entertaining to pick apart layer by layer to see what other glory can be found deeper within. Just bearing witness to this creation in any part be it small or large is to witness an awesome creation that cannot be denied in any capacity, and it’s after hours that I cannot help but declare “Art of Slavery” the best work of symphonic metal that I’ve heard in years!

Such surprises like this are what keep me coming back to many different styles week after week, but it wasn’t until today that such a work could be produced for me from the world of symphonic metal for there just hasn’t been a record that reached out to me like how Insinistra has here. If “Art of Slavery” is just the very beginning of what we could come to expect from this act then I truly do think we could very help have the next name that is to know the entire world of the style by far.

LISTEN to “Art of Slavery” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Insinistra on Facebook here.

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