Evulse – Pustulant Spawn

To come across any small band of any style that can really grab ahold of your attention and never once let go is to come across a boon like extremely few others. In death metal, that can become especially fortuitous given the sheer volume of bands there are to constantly dig through in the underground. So, when I came across Evulse a few years ago, I was ecstatic with the band’s grimy and downright cannibalistic sound appealing to my tastes right away, but the question remained: will the excellence continue in follow-up efforts? With their first offering since then, it definitely seems so.

The most important thing any single person could ever need to know about this mere 4-track piece is that it takes the most unrelentingly raw parts of death metal and crams it all within a 13-minute runtime that holds nothing back, leaves no prisoners, scorches the earth behind it with blood and flame, and knows not the meaning of control. Right from the very beginning, “Pustulant Spawn” goes for the throat in an effort to beat down the listener with blunt force trauma with the riffs and uncompromising aggression being mere footnotes to the grand display of violence that Evulse truly embodies throughout this effort that provides us with a true wall of death metal the likes of which only the seething floor of the underground can produce. It almost feels as though this work is so ravenous in its nature that in desperation it would be driven to self-consumption as its pure hunger-fueled rage at all that is good in the world drives it forward, and you can feel that in the layers of Hellraiser-like levels of pain and suffering that’s going on for the entire duration of “Pustulant Spawn” with it being hard to consider it anything than a truly accurate depiction of what the underground of death metal can offer with how macabre, violent, and all-consuming it can be in even its most basic form.

While it’s far from the most wildly interesting slab of death metal even in a somewhat simplistic form, there’s no way to deny the raw strength that is constantly being shoved down our throats with these four overwhelming tracks. Evulse knew exactly how to follow-up their initial piece from a few years ago as “Pustulant Spawn” takes everything great from its predecessor and makes it far more focused in its power and everything that goes into it, and one cannot help but be washed over by the sheer presence that Evulse puts forth at all times.

“Pustulant Spawn” releases on February 27th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to “Pustulant Spawn” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Evulse on Facebook here.

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