Empire Bathtub – 2 Looney 2 Moons

Infusing your work with comedy is always a tricky thing by nature since humor is absolutely a subjective thing since it may work for you but not someone else, and it’s a damn hard task to pull it off when fusing it with music particularly rock and metal. Lonely Island may be able to do it justice, but comedic rock and metal are scarce in the best of times with very few pulling it off well enough to be mentioned. When I sat down to listen to the upcoming effort from Empire Bathtub, I was skeptical, to say the least. Upon finishing it, it’s impossible for me to say that I wasn’t pleasantly surprised.

It was only just a few tracks in, and I already found myself laughing much more than I had anticipated by a ton. It’s with a progressive flair that’s constantly shifting between the worlds of metal and rock that Empire Bathtub are telling their story that’s both far more fleshed out and intellectual than I had ever expected from any sort of album that touts a comedic theme, but “2 Looney 2 Moons” is nothing if not a work that both falls exactly into its expectations as far as the reputations that comedic albums have for themselves but still pushing itself to become more than just a joke record. Everything about these fifteen tracks whose sound constantly changes to span a very large portion of the spectrum is brimming with the essence of a band that’s having a fucking damn good time just playing together and messing around with a record that is not only a well for some damn good laughs that actually work but, also, something that provides greatness for anyone hoping to find good music within the confines of “2 Looney 2 Moons” of which there’s plenty. Empire Bathtub absolutely defies many of the expectations that I had when I went into its sci-fi story of ridiculousness, and it’s every time that my initial thoughts were subverted that I could not but come to have even greater respect for what has been crafted here, and any fan of a good chuckle should absolutely investigate “2 Looney 2 Moons” for it may surprise you like it did me.

This could’ve very easily been a bullshit album made with crude humor and boring instrumentation, but it’s right out of the gate that Empire Bathtub proved itself to be far above such a dull creation. With “2 Looney 2 Moons”, we have found another rare instance of the schematic for what it takes to make a good comedic metal and rock album to deadly effect without a single fumble in its run to be seen from any angle, and that, if nothing else, proves how impressive this album is.

“2 Looney 2 Moons” releases on March 5th!

LISTEN to Empire Bathtub on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Empire Bathtub on Facebook here.

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