Spire – Temple of Khronos

Bringing any sort of psychedelia into the world of black metal is an undertaking like extremely few others since it’s extremely difficult to bring those kinds of flavors into a style that is ferocious and constantly on the offensive the vast majority of the time. Any band that attempts to bring it to life has my immediate attention since the fruits of such labor are truly exorbitant upon success. Seeing that Spire was to attempt that very course with their upcoming album, I was very intrigued, and it’s upon several spins of this effort that I can proudly say they dominated such a challenge with seemingly minimal effort.

Any work in this particular vein of black metal demands out-of-the-box thinking for any band hoping to achieve success of any sort, and it should go without saying in any form that Spire really took that to heart when they started crafting the dark corridors and looming towers that make up the seven tracks of “Temple of Khronos”. Almost immediately upon going into this record, you can tell that Spire is building up to something that normal black metal can rarely touch on with a tribal-esque rhythm that makes for the introduction into this hallucinatory album that really kicks into gear the very instant that the second track starts off, and it’s right then that we get a proper taste of what Spire is all about throughout “Temple of Khronos”. Even then, no two racks are alike throughout the absolute entirety of this release to make it one whose own halls seem to shift by the very wills of its creators as this album continuously feels hand-crafted to disorient and dismay the poor soul lost in its halls with the ever-growing dread of an apocalypse in a dark future that feels all but inevitable as these seven rituals of pure aural ferocity widdle your spirit down such that by the end of the trials that are to be found within “Temple of Khronos”, you’ve developed a dependence on the record that feels no less than self-destructive. It’s a kind of infectious nature that is beyond addicting as once you let it into your consciousness, it’s a worm that isn’t easily removed which is the very essence of what Spire can be described as in the simplest of terms.

There’s so much to dive into with everything that’s happening within “Temple of Khronos” that it’d be a true task for me to try and convey it through this medium which I know I couldn’t properly do so I must encourage any intrigued soul to take the plunge into a unique kind of darkness for it is likely something you will not regret. Spire truly knew what they were doing when they first set out to conquer with this album, and it is in every way that they succeeded at delivering such a performance that easily makes it one of the most monolithic creations that I’ve ever seen from the land of black metal.

“Temple of Khronos” releases on February 19th via Sentient Ruin!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Temple of Khronos” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Spire on Facebook here.

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