WinterMoonShade – s/t

Melody has long played an important part in all music whether it be an immense focus on it or its stark absence, and it often feels like it’s the latter of the two that seems to find its place in metal rather than not which makes its inclusion stick out even more. Any work can incorporate melody on a competent level, but when it’s done well it truly raises the very standard of the release into something that demands to be heard, and that’s precisely the case of what’s happened here with WinterMoonShade’s debut.

Admittedly, at first, I thought there wouldn’t be much to see in regards to this debut given how the production really did seem to be the greatest detriment to what WinterMoonShade was bringing to the table, but I knew that there was something worth listening to so I kept it on my radar. After a few more tries, it’s clear to me that I’m an idiot for letting something as simple as production quality get in the way of the clear display of wonder that is out in full force for the entirety of these nine tracks to result in a work that’s both competent and entertaining right to the end. Despite this being the very first piece of material that WinterMoonShade has ever released, it’s quality and content is surprising given how well they pull it all off from the atmospheres that draw you back in time after time to the riffs that are executed perfectly alongside the ferocious vocals and beyond-powerful drumming that tie this eponymous record together brilliantly as we’re constantly shown a variety of black metal laced with choice moments of immense melody that keep you rooted in place with your fascination with what’s before you growing by the minute. It’s a difficult thing to accomplish on any band’s first go, but the simple fact that WinterMoonShade has done a tremendous job at doing so with each track bringing forth intrigue and vastly entertaining black metal with a mythical feel to it all that elevates the very essence of what WinterMoonShade has accomplished here into something that is the very definition of flavorful.

The world of black metal is one that can often feel hard to keep up in given the sheer volume of bands that are out there for us to choose from, but I cannot stress enough how I feel that WinterMoonShade is onto something that should be kept an eye on from here out. This debut may not be mind-shattering material or stupendous by any means, but there’s clear quality in what’s at play throughout this debut to the point that I really do feel like WinterMoonShade can produce something that many of us can fall right into.

LISTEN to “WinterMoonShade” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE WinterMoonShade on Facebook here.

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