Spaceslug – Leftovers

The whole realm of heavy psych, heavy rock, or whatever it is you want to call it has really been experiencing a renaissance that started not even a decade ago, and we could sit here trying to name the exact band that started the wave but we can all agree that Spaceslug was one of the first that blew up the sound to give us a wave of excellence that we still find ourselves drowning in today. This Polish act hasn’t slowed down even a little bit since they started cranking our cracking albums just five years ago, and their musicianship has only gotten sharper since. A small change of direction, it’s this most recent EP that shows a side of Spaceslug that we always knew was there but to see it actually performed is bliss like few others can compare to.

Whereas normally we would heavy some fuzzed-wreathed riffs whose power cannot be denied as we witness another gorgeously unique cosmos unfold before our very eyes as we travel from one track to the next, Spaceslug’s approach with “Leftovers” is far more down to Earth. As a mostly acoustic work that sees Spaceslug take on a new dynamic of their sound that works almost too well, these five offerings are glorious pieces of reflection, calm, melancholic meditation, and soul-restoring. All of the psychedelia that we’d normally expect from this act is packed into the first track of “Leftovers” such that it scratches the itch of any regular listeners coming into this EP, but it’s everything else that follows that puts us right into that chair to stare over a still world of grey glass as Spaceslug makes the very sky shift from day to night to twilight to dawn as “Leftovers” progresses brilliantly as the acoustic guitars and ethereal voices guide us through the realm to deliver us to a destination that will surely be different for everyone. Just listening to this work, you can feel your soul being tugged by the very chords of the guitar and bass with the central beats of the drums acting like a pulse that keeps us moving forth as the emotional vocals guide us to wherever they may, and it should go without saying that it’s no less than heavenly since it’s being performed by the revered Spaceslug. Every inch of “Leftovers” is a breath of fresh air that’s executed magnificently by an act that has no need to prove to us their worth for they accomplished that years ago, and just to see them attempt a shift like this whilst knocking it right out of the park is a joy like few others.

Just to see even one track deviate from a band’s usual sound is enough to raise an eyebrow, but to witness it done for an entire EP to stupendous effect is unlike anything else. We all knew of the power behind Spaceslug albums ago with their variety being enough to keep us coming back for more, but it should go without saying that it’s the entirety of “Leftovers” that takes that to the next level. The title is so incredibly misleading since not a single one of these songs should be considered a leftover, for every single one of them could effortlessly stand proud all on their own; adding further credence to the musical majesty that is Spaceslug.

LISTEN to “Leftovers” on Bandcamp here.

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