Soothsayer – Echoes of the Earth

With the amount of time that many musicians had to prepare new material in the past year given the recent events, it’s truly hard for me to think of a list of any sorts when it comes to bands that I’m excited for new material from. The list feels almost endless! But, there are a few that come to my mind since they’ve had material ready for some time now, and Soothsayer is absolutely one of them. After their outstanding EP, “At This Great Depth”, a few years ago, I was more than ecstatic to hear them working on their first full-length. Initially, words cannot describe how I felt listening to this effort that is a brilliant work of the style, but for you, I will do my best to do just that.

There’s a special ferocity that’s brought into play when we’re talking about the ever-glorious marriage between doom and sludge metal, but it’s when you bring a particularly flavorful kind of rage into the mix along with a poignant backdrop that the entire creation is brought up to a completely different level. When I listened to Soothsayer with that aforementioned EP, there were clear undertones of environmentalism and related subjects done to a glorious effect, but that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what’s been accomplished with “Echoes of the Earth”. Where before there were overtones, the message is all but clear with it being one that we’ve heard many times before but Soothsayer has done it tremendous justice: the revolt of the planet itself upon us. And it’s in every excruciating moment of cathartic agony that Soothsayer delivers a performance that knows just how to reel you in perfectly with a devilish concoction of atmosphere, righteous fury, and gripping musicianship. Just dipping your toes into “Echoes of the Earth” is not nearly enough to get even a glimpse of what Soothsayer brings forth in their first full-length as it is all no less than utterly captivating right from that slow burner of a beginning to the 12-minute finale with everything in between being exactly the type of release we need after the year we’ve all had collectively as people. It’s a fiery, cathartic experience whose heaviness and methodically placed periods of lull work to maximum effect all throughout these six tracks of devastation that all come together for a harrowing experience that’s equal parts monolithic in its presence, near tear-inducing in its implications, awe-inspiring in its power, and satisfying in all of its delivery to enable “Echoes of the Earth” not only a staggering work of the style, but one that plays to the very soul of man and Mother Earth alike in a way that’s no less than stunning.

In no small way, Soothsayer has created an absolute triumph with their very first attempt at a full-length album. I had expected great things, for sure, but this is something else entirely as it’s the sheer whole of “Echoes of the Earth” that leaves me bewildered from all angles as we’re shown just what exactly this Irish act has been truly capable of for years now, and if there is to be any single piece that shows us just what we should come to expect from Soothsayer from here on out it is undoubtedly this tremendous release.

“Echoes of the Earth” releases on April 9th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Echoes of the Earth”, “Outer Fringe”, on Bandcamp here, or an extended version via YouTube below.

LIKE Soothsayer on Facebook here.

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