Stonus – Seance

 When it comes to rising acts from the world of rock, especially heavy rock in all of its forms, there is truly no shortage of names to pull out of a hat. Any name has the potential for greatness with all the acts coming out of the woodwork to astound us in ways that we can never get enough of. Stonus achieved that last year with their first full-length album showing us what they’re really made of, and it’s on the follow-up EP that their trend of absolute quality only continues.

More of the same when it comes to quality material is something that no one can ever get enough of since why wouldn’t you want more of an already awesome thing? Stonus’s full-length last year may not have caused the biggest wave throughout the scene, but those of us that heard it know for a fact that Stonus came into their own with it to proclaim themselves as a flavorful act filled with so much of what we love from the style done in a manner that is no less than delicious. With the biggest tragedy of “Séance” being that it has but three tracks, it’s in every other department that this EP has already met the qualifications to become a piece that lives up to its predecessor. Having been born in a world gripped in the midst of isolation and mass frustration felt all around the world, “Séance” pulls us back from the brink to deliver us a fantastic experience that’s so much of everything that we’ve come to expect from virtually every corner of all that can be considered heavy rock from the undeniable melodies, fringes of psychedelia that are constantly drawing you further into this creation, shifting approaches that vary from traditional to mildly experimental, surreal sceneries that are constantly match-fit for whatever levels of heaviness that Stonus may be throwing down at any given moment, and emotions that can be felt by every single one of us after the year we’ve all had with all of that culminating as a seemingly small but an extremely respectable stride forward for this band’s sound and evolution. Right from the beginning, it may feel like Stonus is retreading the same exact territory to get our ears back to listening to them, which would’ve worked spectacularly, but it’s “Séance” that shows us they’re above such a tactic with them, instead, seeking to improve upon themselves to become an act that’s not just fun to listen to, but as world-conscious, escapist, and a long-term infatuation that

In every sense, “Séance” is a work that should be heard by every rock fan out there who wants to become known with a rising act that will surely become a need-to-know name in the scene if they haven’t already, and I can only promise that the streak of excellence will continue after “Séance”. Stonus has already delivered two highly respectable works within a year, and if that’s not an indicator that Stonus really is onto something then I don’t know what is.

“Séance” releases on March 26th!

LISTEN to Stonus on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Stonus on Facebook here.

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