Exorcizphobia – Digitotality

There’s nothing quite like a pure thrash metal experience that can make the rebel inside us all rise up and join the party to tear down the walls and cause destruction. Sadly, there aren’t many works of that variety that really catch my eye these days for one reason or another, but I’m always excited to see an album come around that actually manages to scratch that itch. In no small way, Exorcizphobia has achieved that with a fantastic album that encapsulates all that needs to happen for a tremendous work of thrash.

I could sit here and relay to all of you everything that’s needed in order to make for a solid thrash metal work, but everyone already knows it, don’t we? Thrash is one of those styles that the great vast majority grew up with in some form or another, but, like a great work in the strain of heavy metal, a mentionable work of the style is always worth a further look into for it’s not easy to achieve despite the checklist being known by many of us. With a tremendous album thrown at our faces that’s permeated entirely by both a massive love and talent for the sound, there’s no way for me to deny that Exorcizphobia has executed a work whose power and pure anarchy through riffs cannot be denied! The very essence of what’s at play within “Digitotality” is exactly what I’ve been needing more of in my veins lately since thrash on this level feels rare to come by nowadays with only a select few managing to pull it off, and it should be well beyond clear after these eight tracks of technologically-induced fear that Exorcizphobia has more than met the necessary requirements to become a name worthy of being known by any fan of the style with the great intoxication factor and powerful performances just being the icing on top of this delicious treat of an album. So much rage, excellence, and speed is packed within “Digitotality” to the point that I cannot help but recommend it to any thrash fan worth their own salt, for it’s only after hours of listening that I was able to wrench myself away from it to realize how far I had fallen into this fantastic creation.

To fall into a quality work of thrash metal is to fall into something that cannot be created elsewhere in any other form of music, and it’s thanks to bands like Exorcizphobia that we’re still able to find works like that throughout the modern state of the underground. “Digitotality” brings together all that we could ask for out of the realm of thrash, and the fact that it’s entirety was pulled off with such quality should be absorbed by all who considered themselves a thrash fan.

LISTEN to “Digitotality” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Exorcizphobia on Facebook here.

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