Yoth Iria – As The Flame Withers

It’s not terribly unoften to see surprising material come from unsurprising sources. There will always be musicians from great bands that are still running today that haven’t played in them for however long that still have the itch to perform, make music, and just live that experience because that’s how they simply are. It’s never a stretch to assume that those musicians are still capable of great material even if they’re removed from their original band to now operate under a new moniker to make yet another name grand in the scene at large. So, I ask you: was there really ever any doubt that Yoth Iria was capable of pure excellence knowing two Rotting Christ alumni are behind it?

It would be a fucking travesty for me to sit here and make too many connections between Yoth Iria and both members’ experience with Rotting Christ for that would undermine what’s at play here, but it would be a disservice to ignore their legacy as it is has evolved in such a way that we could possibly even draw a direct line from the earliest days of Rotting Christ to what has been done with Yoth Iria. Everything that’s brought forth in “As The Flame Withers” can be easily seen as a modern black metal album that embodies everything great about what the style has become in recent years without a single one of these eight tracks having any sort of a disappointment to be had within them, and that would be just to tap the surface of what’s to be found within this staggering debut. With melodies left and right that stride hand-in-hand with the most tantalizing of blasphemy that does nothing but reel you further into the whirlwind that Yoth Iria conducts with staggering delivery, the absolute entirety of “As The Flame Withers” is something that any fan of black metal that’s worth their own salt absolutely needs to check out the moment they can for it is a discovery that is far from surprising, but it’s still staggering right from the fucking beginning! It’s the start to 2021 that black metal deserves and needs in all respects, and I truly could not think of a better vehicle to deliver that excellence than Yoth Iria.

With the firepower that’s behind this name, it is hard for me to sit here and wonder why the name of Yoth Iria was not more widespread when they put out an EP last year, but I’ll be damned before I let this massive full-length slip past unheard! The very essence of “As The Flame Withers” is so much of what draws many of us to black metal in the first place, and it’s throughout every single track of this release that we get several reasons to fall into the swirling world of bone and fire that’s on constant display for the full run here.

“As The Flame Withers” releases on January 25th via Pagan Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “As The Flame Withers” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Yoth Iria on Facebook here.

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