Begravement – Conjuring the Necromancer

The very seething underbelly of the underground that death metal calls home is one of the most interesting places simply because you rarely know what you’re going to find. There’s everything from an extremely fresh and young act with not a single dollar to their name to legends whose names are known throughout most of music in some form, but it’s the former that many of us excavators are interested in for it’s a melting pot like no other. Random albums from random bands are the specialty in such regions of the underground, and Begravement’s debut is no less than a prime example of that.

When it comes to debut EPs from bands like this are the very definition of a burgeoning name that is barely just starting out, I think it’s safe to say that many of us expect a rough listen in some form or another right from the very start. The production might be lacking, the songs a tad cookie-cutter, and the music maybe a tad clunky or anything along those lines are what we tend to walk into debuts like this with, but I cannot stress enough how much “Conjuring the Necromancer” demolishes any and all of those expectations. Begravement’s sound is way more intrinsic and interesting by all accounts than what I ever dared thought before starting this six-track EP to the point where I can very easily say it surprised the fuck out of me. This isn’t simple death metal where the aim is to be heavy with some riffs and call it a day. Rather, Begravement dares to take a little very all corners of the spectrum of death metal such that “Conjuring the Necromancer” is deceptively eclectic with each offering giving us something new to sink our teeth into as Begravement does a stupendous job at their first go. The result is an eyebrow-raising listen that is sure to catch the ear of many a death metal fan willing to give them an ear which I cannot advise enough. Bands like this don’t get much smaller than what Begravement is at the time of this release, and I will consider it a downright tragedy if it doesn’t make other fans all throughout the scene stroke their beards/hair in intrigue.

In the simplest of terms, “Conjuring the Necromancer” is a surprising EP that surpasses every goal that I set before it without even listening to a single note that it had to offer. I absolutely cannot wait to see what else Begravement can manage to pull off after executing an attractive work like this, and even if it’s just another repeat of what’s been done with “Conjuring the Necromancer”, I think I’d be perfectly content with that.

“Conjuring the Necromancer” releases on January 29th!

PRE-ORDER “Conjuring the Necromancer” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Engravement on Facebook here.

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